• Gentlecolt Collaborations: Voice Promo and Casting Call

    For those that don't follow the Nightly Roundups, a pony... dating sim is in progress.   Sure it's targeting a niche group within the fandom, but they grabbed some seriously hefty talent for the voice acting.  Everyone from Lauren Goodnight to BaldDumboRat will be included in the game.

    After the break is their voice over promo, showing off the various ponies and their respective actors.

    If you would like to join the team, hit up their sound website here!

    And for the mildly curious among you, hit up their main website here.

    (Update) Video embed fisxed! They also gave me some copy paste. Check both out below the break. 

    "This is Gentlecolts Collaborations with another video. Here we present to you our cast so far for the game, Love is Magic, in a little promo we've developed for you. Were still missing a few parts so be sure to hear the ending to know which ones we're looking for. Thanks to all the actresses and actors who took part of this, and special thanks to our voice acting leader Victor.

    If you want to know more about our game, or want a job, visit our website: http://www.gentlecolts.org/index.html

    You can also join our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gentlecolt-Collaborations/223838760997846

    P.S. We're still looking for sketchers to help us out. Visit our website or our facebook page for more information. Thanks!"

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