• Story Updates November 25

    >Mfw Best Buy only has ps3/xbox battlefield 3 for sale
    >Mfw I get home and see it's on sale on Origin anyway
    >Mfw I have no face.

    I hate Black Friday.  At least Cereal did the nightly roundup... even if he did use wet hair Twilight Sparkle. 

    Have some story updates.

    Story: Archives of the Friendquisition (Update Part 9!) 

     4 Star

    [Crossover] [Grimdark] [Sci-Fi]

    Author: Inquisipony Stallius
    Description: In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only ponies! Equestria is assailed by countless foes from without, but only the shadowy Friendquisition can protect it from the enemies within. Can one Inquisipony and his team uncover a plot that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear? Or will sinister forces prevail in an MLP future that has become like the Warhammer 40k universe, the original grimdark franchise?
    Archives of the Friendquisition

    Story: Ever Watching (Update Chapter 9!) 

    5 Star

    [Grimdark] [Crossover] Ponies and ponies and ponies and ponies. Sing the song, but now imagine you're in a dark alley and you're being watched.

    Author: Redback Spino
    Description: Deep among the trees, in the darkest thickets of the Everfree Forest, something is stirring. Who is this creature? Where did it com from? And what does it want with a certain purple unicorn?
    Ever Watching

    Story: Lacuna (Update Part 4!) 

    ? Star


    Author: Drakmire
    Description: If what you knew could save the lives of countless others, wouldn't you try to act?

    Sand Shaper knows of one future that could yet come to pass. Soliciting help from the throne, she strives to avert disaster while protecting those she cares about, in the process learning the constraints of fate and the limits of friendship.

    Story: The Ballad of Sir Spike de Draco (Update Part 3!) 

    ? Star


    Author: Zay-el
    Description: Faithful knight of Celestia, Sir Spike de Draco leaves Canterlot with his young shieldmaiden Twilight Sparkle to embark upon a journey of stolen pony hearts, spontanious beard-sprouting, dozens of broken teeth and the smiting of evil left and right.
    The Ballad of Sir Spike de Draco

    Story: Guardians (Update Story 2 Part 3!) 

    4 Star



    Author: WarHorse72
    Description: Twilight always knew the military wasn't wanted by most ponies. But it takes a trip to Stalliongrad going wrong for her to realize just how much they kept order and safety in Equestria regardless.


    Story: Fallout: Equestria (Updated Part 43!) (For those that follow update posts!)

    Star 6


    Description:   Fallout.  With ponies! Set in an alternate future

    Fallout Equestria