• Celestia Radio's Black Friday Bonanza

    Celestia Radio is running a black friday event.  Have some copy paste:

    Hey hey, punky pony people! My name is Prison. I'm the sweeper recorder/DJ/social network manager for Celestia Radio. I just wanted to tell you guys about the all-day DJ event that we're holding RIGHT NOW. It's called theCelestial Capitalist's BLACK FRIDAYBONANZA! Essentially, we're reporting on news, playing the hottest brony music, taking listener call-ins, and having a great Thanksgiving weekend all day! I'm the main host, with the other DJs (Including DJs Shamrock, PonyToast, and MLI) appearing to talk about ongoing events in politics and the brony community (as well as really, really stupid topics that people who listen to the radio like to call in about).

    Overall, it's a manic, interactive experience for listeners and callers . . . as well as the DJs! (Heh heh heh . . .)
    Hit them up here

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