• Blindbags Set 4: Names/Images

    Hold up, I think there is a serious spelling error here.  That cutie mark does not belong to anypony named LULAMOON.  This is idenitity theft of the HIGHEST CALIBER.  Trixie is NOT pleased.

    Anyway, someone sent me all 24 of the 3rd blindbag set that was leaked on Taobao a while back.  They are apparently very much real.  It seems to be focusing on sparkly and metallic (Special Edition) ponies this time around, with a few colts and classics thrown in for good measure. 

    Of the mix, we have Colgate (Minuette), Blues, (Royal Riff), and Caramel (Chance-a-Lot) for background ponies.

    But Trixie... why?