• Nightly Roundup #167

    Oh... my. Edition.
    Wet mane all the ponies.

    Respect them for being hard working intelligent equines edition. -Sethfix

    Equestrian Tides Podcast: Episode 5

    The Equestrian Tides podcast find themselves trapped inside a dark room somewhere below SugarCube Corner. This week's episode features Seargent Sprinkles, also known as Derpy416, author of the "Grimdark As F**k" fanfic: Cupcakes.

    Tune in and hear the compelling origin story of this infamous tale straight from the horse's mouth! Viewer discretion is advised, what you discover may be too horrible to forget!

    EFR Episode Promo

    These guys sent us a promo for their episode on Monday! Foreshadowing! Have some copypaste:

    Someone has given us homework over the holiday weekend! Oh no!
    I wonder what this means we'll be having on Monday when we get back to school?!

    Filly Synchtube Banner Contest

    I love when people send us copypaste stuff! Makes my job a lot easier, lemme tell you. Anyway, the Filly Synchtube is having a banner contest! Details below.

    Hi there! We're running a banner contest over at the Filly synchtube channel. The theme for the banner contest is "Ponies enjoying the Holidays" The best banner will get its new home at the top of the channel for all to see! The banners resolution must be a maximum of 1000x300 pixels. It will be voted on by everyone in the channel on the date of 12/2/11 at 5:00 PM Pacific. Any submissions to the banner contest should be sent to [email protected] and it would be preferred to be uploaded to imgur.com

    A reward for first place would be:
    15$ Steam game of their choosing

    Second and third place runner ups would get
    -their banners up in the channel for a day each
    -a 5$ steam game of their choosing.

    New Podcast: Brony Talk

    Yup, another podcast! This one is currently at four episodes.

    Have a link here.

    Chris Bryne "Toy Expert" Mentions Bronies

    No idea who this guy is, but apparently he mentions bronies! It's near the end, according to the email, and 'nothing bad'. The clip is here.

    Fellow Brony In Need This Thanksgiving

    An interesting story landed in our inbox today- a brony named Nicktae has fallen upon some hard times. Her family owns a sustainable, organic chicken farm, and her father actively battles against corporations who factory farm chickens in horrendous environments, and educates the public on how livestock can be raised in large numbers without cruelty and with minimal environmental impact.

    Unfortunately their house has burned down due a wood stove fire.

    GoldX3, the person who emailed us, has put up a donation page with more details where you can send gifts or any kind of support you can to Nicktae in their time of need.

    The link is here.

    Pony Cake!

    Never gets old, really.

    Nintendo 3DS Image Creation Project

    Never really got into portable gaming devices. Nevertheless, a pony named Primal Moon has created a portable 3D EQD ad as a proof of concept. You can find the details and the necessary files here.

    The Hub Uses Fanart, Artist Freaks Out (In A Good Way)

    Totally didn't even notice this when it was up. Apparently the Discord image used in the Hub's Naughty or Nice contest was fanart by a pony named Briskby.

    You can find the original image here, and the artist's reaction here.

    Latin Versions of Pinkie Pie songs from Episodes 2 and 3

    At least they didn't make her into a dude cough Spitfire cough.

    Playable Version of Rainbow Dash's Filly Flier Race in New Dejobaan Game

    PONY ALL THE THINGS. Have a copypaste description:

    Basically what the title says: the level designer for Dejobaan's new game, AaAaAA!!: For The Awesome, is a brony, and he made a playable version of RD's race from "Cutie Mark Chronicles".

    Successful Meetups / Guilds / Looking For More

    Successful Fourth Warsaw Ponymeet

    Nice! A total of 43 people for this one.

    Ponyboard.de Meeting in Graz / Austria


    Merch Section

    Derpy Hooves Hat

    Rainbow Dash Plushie

    Fluttershy Plushie

    Custom Molded Tank Sculpture

    Pinkie Pillow

    Handmade Fluttershy Plushie

    Custom Octavia Clock

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here