• Nightly Roundup #46 SO MUCH NEWS


    This one is...long.  Hope you are in the mood for my half-insane rambling and over-use of the exclamation point!  

    Ponies invade Aion

    I tried playing this game a while back, but the grind past level 30 ended up scaring all my online bro's away! WoW spoiled us...

    Anyway you can find the video here!

    Yep, that's a Rainbow Dash Cloak.

    Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged's Creator Sings FiM

    The creator of that ridiculously popular Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged series recently stood up in front of everyone at the AVCON in Australia, and sang the opening theme of Friendship is Magic for everyone to enjoy. You can find the video here!

    Pony Toys Now Available In the UK

    Sounds like the brushables and playsets are finally available over in the UK. I'm surprised it took so long for them to show up!

    The League of Extraordinary Gamers Charity Casting

    Starting on August 7, a week long charity marathon event will be held for the Make a Wish foundation.

    They are currently looking for a talented artist to set them up with a banner for the event. Here are the copypasted requirements for that:
    It must have the name of the charity in it, this time Make a Wish
    It must also have The League of Extraordinary Gamers name in it as well
    Everything else for the banner is up to the artist's imagination (probably gonna be seeing Twilight Sparkle/Trixie since it's Make a Wish :p)
    Indeed friends! The Great and Powerful Trixie's glowing personality would win the hearts of just about every gamer out there!

    You can find the thread discussing the event here!

    Pony Calendar Apparently Still Available

    That calendar I reported as cancelled yesterday apparently did throw a few copies out. Someone found this one at a place called "America's Thrift Stores" in the "new" section. How...random. Hasbro's distribution practices will always perplex me.

    You can find the MLP Arena thread here!

    Ridiculous Parody Sites

    A few people sent me some...strange websites today. First off we have Ponyspin.com, not to be confused with a certain other website with spin in the name.

    The other site is useful for those of you who are constantly on the go.  Have you ever run into a time where you ABSOLUTELY NEEDED a pony reaction image for (Insert situation here) but just didn't have quick access to one?  Well, this site is targeting YOUR demographic!  Mylittlefacewhen.com has a growing database of pony reaction images for everyone to use at any time.  

    Or you could just use this, It works on everything.

    Fanfiction Novel Cover 

    People used to sell fanfiction to magazines.  The internet kind of killed that, but I'm still curious about how authors managed to dodge copyright. 

    This novel cover is a fake mockup of what a fanfiction book might look, and a damn good one at that.  I could see tossing some of the epics in the site into one of these.

    Maybe Equestria Daily should become a pony publishing company?!

    Oh wait, we already are!  Silly pre-readers. 

    Second Life Bronyville EXPLODES!

    Or is going through tough times at least... stuff is just much less epic with data.

    I don't know much about Second Life, and this article doesn't exactly do a great job for non-secondlifers to dig through, but apparently the people running Bronyville did a bunch of stupid crap a few years ago and it ended up catching up to them. 

    That's EQD journalism at it's finest folks!  (Seriously though, not even Phoe could figure out this article, and she's a genius)

    Hopefully they get everything under control eventually.  That place definitely had some cool custom pony stuff, it's really a shame.

    Target Canterlot Toy Guide!

    Do you want Luna, but don't feel like waiting until August 1st for the release?  Apparently the fine workers over at Target are more than happy to completely ignore the street date, assuming you give them the item code to look the stuff up with.

    Have some copypaste from the ponychan thread. These codes are meant for the pad things the employees carry around, so make sure to find one that looks important enough for a "hand code thingy"!

    Canterlot Castle (with Twilight Sparkle and Starbeam Twinkle)
    DCPI 086020019

    Princess Celestia & Princess Luna (Fashion Ponies)
    DCPI 086022696

    Ride-Along Ponies (Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle)
    DCPI 086022717

    Princess Celestia & Princess Luna (Brushable)
    DCPI 086022697

    Thanks to Miyari over on Ponychan for the infos! 

    Al Capony may not be real, but he is a BAD ASS Pony

    Just sayin.

    Or is Al Capony female? That's not really the typical male nose.

    My OC pony will totally have THAT nose (if I ever escape this cube)!


    Vinyl Scratch Tapes - The Master Recordings

    Even though I type "Vinyl Scratch" at least 6 times a day, I still have trouble spelling "Vinyl" correctly.  That word just won't stick!  Thank Trixie for Firefox's automatic spell check.


    The fanfic "Vinyl Scratch Tapes" is currently leaving the world of words and moving audio. These guys were nice enough to give me some Copy Paste, so here you go!

    "The Vinyl Scratch Tapes - The Master Recording"

    We will be organizing a full voice production of all four chapters of Corey Williams' “The Vinyl Scratch Tapes”! But we need your help! We are looking for voice talent as well as others who might be interested in helping out this production.

    Anypony interested in Voice-acting, or lending a helping hoof can find more information (including a full cast list and contact details) on the announcements page at:

    Original story here> 

    Much easier!

    Ponies Invade the London Science Museum

    A recent meetup at the London Science Museum left behind a whole pile of pony drawings that would never make it into a drawfriend post! Have some!

    Yep!  Ponies.  This meetup was supposedly really fun though.  I haven't heard of a bad one yet. 

    Equestrian Civil War Youtube Game

    The basis of this little event is pretty interesting.  Instead of immediately defeating Nightmare Moon in the pilot, the goddess of the night had a chance to tell her side of the story, where Celesita, in her eyes, is an evil controlling tyrant who hates all races other than ponies.  (griffons, diamond dogs, ect all hated!)

    The mane 6 become split between sticking with Celestia, and Following Luna.  This leads to the formation of the great Lunar Republic VS Solar Kingdom Civil war!

    Each faction will compete in various youtube style challenges for dominance.  If pony war isn't your thing, the video for it is at least pretty awesome! You can find it embedded below!

    Custom Pony Competition!

    Kanamai from Pony Orders is running a contest thing for an OC custom pony!  The only requirement: it needs to be space themed!

    Simply fill out this form:

    Contest Submission Form:
    Nickname -
    Email -
    Ponies Name?
    What is your pony based on from space?
    Cutie Mark?

    And email it to [email protected]

    The contest will end on August 12th, 201l, and the winner will receive the custom pony they designed!

    Gummy Birthday Cake!

    Confound this alligator!

    Yet Another Podcast: Episode 3

    More pony discussion for all of you to enjoy!
    We talked about Rob Zombie, Vanilla Ice, Ponies, Lovecraft, Cool shit from our childhoods, Being poor when we were young, South Dakota and Ponies!
    You can find it here!

    Mafia Wars Style Brony Game Needs Help!

    A brony who previously worked on a game called "Grahaminals" is currently looking to build a team to create the first Brony Facebook game.  He is currently building the project using MySQL, PHP, Joomla 1.6, actionscript, as3, flex, and other various browser languages, so knowledge in that stuff is probably a big plus!

    If you want to help out, hit him up at [email protected]

    Equestria Daily News

    This is awesome.

    Story/Stuff Updates
    What Do You Do With a Drunken Unicorn? (Update Story 2 Part 2!)
    At the Heart of the Rainboom (Update Part 2)
    Big Mac's Big Adventure (Update Story 2 Part 2!)
    The Elder Scrolls: Equestria (Update Part 3!)
    MLP The (Abridged) Mentally Advanced Series (Update Episode 7+8!)
    Past Sins (Update Part 11+12+13!)
    Antipodes (Update Chapter 18!)
    Tabluna Rasa (Update Part 5!)
    Fallout: Equestria (Updated Part 33!)

    Ebay Stuff/Merch Mall Updates
    Pinkamena Diane Pie
    Comparative Rarity Jewelry

    And that is all for tonight's news! Thank Celestia... that took foreverrrr.

    I'm sure there are some typos on there, but I really don't have time to go back and edit this beast.  Feel free to send me a list in email!  Off to sort stuff and schedule tomorrow morning. 

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