• Story: Big Mac's Big Adventure (Update Story 2 Part 2!)


    Author: ZettaLux
    Description: Big Mac isn't much of a social pony, but what happens when he attends one of Pinkie Pie's parties?
    Big Mac's Big Adventure

    Additional Tags: Eeyup, Social, Parties, Relationships

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    Description: Parallel to the events of "Big Mac's Big Adventure," Luna finds herself the victim of her older sister's mischevious acts. And also meets her first pet.
    Luna's New Pet - Part 1
    Luna's New Pet - Part 2 (New!) 

    Additional Tags: Luna, Celestia, Canterlot, Equestria, Pets

    [Normal][Comedy] side story by an entirely different author.

    Author: The J.A.M.
    Description: Based on Big Mac's Big Adventure by ZettaLux. A bit of an expansion of Big Macintosh's explanation to the Mane Six as to why he's a bit reluctant to start a relationship.
    Big Macintosh's Big Explanation

    Additional Tags: Short, tangent, backstory, sad, introspective

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