• Comic Con 2011

    So, your stuck at home instead of having a blast at  Comic Con?  Are you dying to be there with Giant Pinkie Pie and the bad-ass pony posters

    Well so am I! Sucks don't it?

    How about the next best thing then?  I've received a bunch of images and even a video of the Tara Strong Interview from various people over the last few days!  You can find it all after the break!

    Thanks to everyone who sent this stuff in!  And everyone who offered me posters :p If I get any extras, they should make awesome event prizes!
    Tara Strong Panel Interview

    Tara Strong Doing Twilight Sparkle Voices

    Comic Con Pony Display/Hasbro Booth (Those g1 things are kinda scary!)


    That Nightmare Moon holy crap!

    I always wanted to try those things. 

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