• Story: The Fate of Gods


    Author: Moonlit Harmony
    Description: After a massive earthquake destroys much of the Everfree Forest, the residents of Ponyville are left wondering as to the cause of such destruction. Only two ponies know the truth yet a third would soon follow, but sometimes truth comes at a great cost.
    The Fate of Gods

    Additional Tags: One end is another beginning


    1. Oh god, not my house! ;_;

    2. I tried to get through the whole thing, I really did. But these 'let the world rule itself' stories just seem so silly to me.

      I don't know, I guess I'm just strange.

    3. @Sumec
      Wait, wait ?

      It's a ''let the world rule itself'' kind of story ?

      In the MLP:FiM Universe ? Really ? I'm not sure it sits well ?

      ...I'm not sure now...

    4. I want to see how this story continues. Also, what is with people's aversion to the everfree expansion concept? It's not canon, so let people be creative!

    5. If the forest got obliterated, I only hope Zecora wasn't part of the mess.

    6. I'm not sure if it qualifies as a "let the world rule itself" story. After all, it begins with the destruction of the Everfree Forest, so maybe they're trying to retain control after all.

      Go, Luna! Show the nature who's god!