• Nightly Roundup #45

    Is Twilight controlling stars in this image?  Best pony ever! 

    Anyway, news time!

    Cracked Posts Ponies, Again!

    This popped up in  their recent "If You Really Didn't Care What Tour Co-Workers Thought" event.  Have you guys told your co-workers about ponies yet?

    This is the 3rd time ponies have popped up on Cracked.  I'm pretty sure one of the judges for this stuff is a brony.  

    The Fourth Floor Interviews...Me! 

    A new website covering various topics of geek culture recently did an article on Equestria Daily, and asked me a few questions.  You can find the interview thing here!

    They also did a pony podcast, which you can locate here

    And if you are interested in tossing them some recommendations on what to talk about during their podcasts, or anything else you might find,  toss it to this email

    I sure do suck at incorporating links into things.  I blame time constraints!

    Applejack Joins the Medicine Hat Stampede

    Sadly the website for this stuff is running crazy slow for me tonight, so I can't really dig much information out of it.

    That is totally Applejack in someone's window though, which is amazing on it's own.

    Check out the site for more information once it starts moving quicker!

    Xfire Brony Group

    Another brony group is looking for more members! This time over on Xfire.

    You can find them here!

    Flutter Valley G1 Rebuilding

    Technically G1 is where pony started, and some of the old pony folks want to coach us newbs on it.  This website is trying to close the gaps between the old stuff and Friendship is Magic.  I guess there are quite a few throwbacks in there that most never really noticed.

    You can find the site here!

    Kotaku Photoshop Contest Pony Winner

    The "Chillin With Chell" contest over on Kotaku.com tasked a bunch of photoshop artists with dropping portal references into various backdrops.  You can find Pinkie Pie's winning entry here!

    OC Blind Bag Custom Pony Ponychan Contest

    Xanthestar over on ponychan is holding a contest to convert your OC pony idea into a blindbag custom. 

    Winners will be chosen at random.  All you have to do is toss your concept into the mix by posting the colors/type/ect into the thread!

    You can find the event here!

    Drawball Wars Day #5

    Over at Drawball2, a truce is in the works between the two warring factions: Kongregate and the Brony Armada.  Currently the bronies are attempting to draw a Kongregate flag on the Great and Powerful Trixie (who WAS wearing sunglasses, and being even more amazing because of it).

    If you want to help out, head over to the ball and start painting!

    Equestria Daily News

    Story Updates
    The Empty Room (Updated Part 13!)
    Sunshine and Fire (Update Part 2!)
    The Lion and the Lamb (Update Part 5!)
    The Apple in the Observatory (Update Part 2!)
    The Sun Is Tired (Update Part 9!)
    Of the Time Before (Update Part 4!)
    Order-naries (Update Story 2 Part 4!)
    Prince Charming (Update Story 2!)

    Merch Stuff
    Ebay Luna Picture from Freya

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here