• Story: Twilight's Opus (Update Chapter 2!)

    [Normal][Shipping][Adventure][Comedy] "A cleverly written mix of humor, learning, and... wait, Pinkie Pie wrote a thesis? What?"- Slightly Confused Pre-Reader #2

    Author: EconomistBrony
    Description: Almost two years after first arriving in Ponyville, Twilight suddenly receives word that her 'field studies' must soon come to an end. Needing to prepare a final report for the Princess, Twilight must collect all the wisdom she has gathered from being with her closest friends in an attempt to truly understand the Elements, true friendship, and the nature of magic. However, as she plunges herself deeper into the subject, Twilight begins to realize that the underpinnings of their friendship is far more complex than anyone, even Princess Celestia, ever knew.
    Twilight's Opus -  Chapter 1
    Twilight's Opus -  Chapter 2 (New!)

    Twilight's Opus (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Epic, Thesis, Music, Dr. Pie

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