• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 10

    Day 10, you guys, Day 10! We actually hit double digits! Today was a bit of a learning process for me. As somepony pointed out in their submission comment, he and I both fail at math. It turns out two times the pony is two times the work, and I really failed to consider the impact that would have on your time to draw. So I learned (dear Princess Celestia) that doubling the required number of ponies while simultaneously pushing the theme in as selfish a direction as I can possibly manage, I will get more or less exactly what I want, but at the cost of about half of the usual number of participants. Let's not mince words, 162 stellar entries is amazing and every last one of you should feel proud. But that is a bit of a smaller number, and I can't help but feel like I did push you a bit too hard. I'm learning. I think you'll find tonight's theme a lot of fun, though! edit: as the minutes ticked closer to the deadline, these words were made to seem dumber and dumber. Well done, everypony.

    You're probably getting bored of hearing this by now, but just in case we've picked up any stragglers, here are the submission guidelines. As always, if you have a problem with the submission program please just go ahead and send your submission to [email protected] and leave the rest to me. Also feel free to shoot me an e-mail if there's a question you need answered, and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony dressed as a character from another show, game, or story, or draw that character as a pony.
    Which sounds like a mouthful, but really it's just me trying to be unambiguous. This is a hugely open topic; I'm looking forward to seeing what your favorite non-pony media is! Mine's Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. What? I'm learning stuff about you, it's only fair!

    Today's gallery can be summed up in a single word: Lyyyyyyyyyrrrrraaaaaa! I begged and begged and begged for it, and here she is! There's even one in there of me making an ass of myself in front of her. I am deliriously happy with this turn of events. You're all so nice and so brave and dedicated to have been doing this for so long that I wish there was something more I could do to say thanks than these paltry rambles. Keep at it, guys. You're all amazing. Just for you, let's kick things up an Octavia.

    1) By Anakah

    2) By Makkon (This one's a shoutout/commission/thingamajig for Notacleverpony. Swanky!)

    3) By Syggie (A, c-down, A, c-righ, c-down, A...)

    4) By Goldfish

    5) By PandaRoux (Teamwork!)

    6) By VeoBandit (Ponies making... music.)

    7) By VeoBandit (Ponies... making music.)

    8) By Thanqol (Somepony give this man a medal.)

    9) By ChaosDrop (Harps: now with 100% more cloud walking powers.)

    10) By Grue

    11) By Kjh242 (I'd be madder if you actually addressed this to me.)

    12) By rich-tea

    13) By Fallin' Winter (I can't imagine how difficult it is to pay while watching that. Octavia is a true professional.)

    14) By Xris777

    15) By DeadP0N-3

    16) By lead_hooves

    17) By Emerald Dust (The sad thing is I couldn't answer either one of them.)

    18) By FrostV952

    19) By Damian Foxx

    20) By Tarynsgate (Siiigh.)

    21) By blindferret

    22) By Mellowbloom

    23) By Gig

    24) By Ori (Glam rock Cheerilee.)

    25) By Partition (And we the blogponies thank you for the awesome shoutout. Peace.)

    26) By Doombah

    27) By Smock (Fluttershy, you're such stage hog.)

    28) By PenguinPlayer

    29) By Easteu (It may not be 100% true to the show, but I adore the heck out of this style. Beautiful.)

    30) By Spark (All lyres should come with miniature Pinkies.)

    31) By kits

    32) By Rutana

    33) By Sneo

    34) By Stabbercube

    35) By Mr.Paulsen ('Cause when the jazz mare's testifyin', she'll bring ya to your knees...)

    36) By SherlockHooves

    37) By Family Man

    38) By Circuit Mane

    39) By Da Chi

    40) By Blueberry Muffin (Derpy, give that back.)

    41) By Nido Media

    42) By Erthilo (Well that's interesting but I don't see--)

    43) By unholyhen (... huh. Well then!)

    44) By Paintroller (They are so cute together.)

    45) By Zee

    46) By Dragon Rage

    47) By EssAeEm (Poor Twilight...)

    48) By Mere Jump

    49) By Fish0and0chips

    50) By Fickle (The artist requests a brony's aid in getting this colored. Any takers?)

    51) By Infinity

    52) By Pineapple Skitter

    53) By Saphin (This is so great. And terrifyingly accurate. Must stop laughing at sef...)

    54) By Mr. Wonko

    55) By Jdan-S (This is a match made in heaven.)

    56) By Nullh

    57) By DCPIP

    58) By Rydel

    59) By Atlur (She might get her cutie mark yet at this rate.)

    60) By 8ftmetalhead

    61) By toonboy92484

    62) By Lorina

    63) By Iron Pony

    64) By Kitty Tail (Rock my world, Lyra. <3)

    65) By Shiko

    66) By Moabite (...pfffthahahaha)

    67) By ThatOnePegasus (How about four ponies?)

    68) By Alleen

    69) By ecmc1093

    70) By Ash (The Xibit reference makes it musical, dawg.)

    71) By Roper (How did she wind up with a triangle?)

    72) By cartoonlion

    73) By purpletrauma

    74) By Invidlord (I would pay a lot to hear whatever conversation is taking place here.)

    75) By ProjectFreeism (Well, duh.)

    76) By Amehdaus (I think they're interpreting my theme in all the ways at once.)

    77) By Systemdertoten

    78) By DI-FL

    79) By Afentis (I hate the drums on Rock Band because my foot is retarded and can't keep a beat.)

    80) By Nicolette

    81) By Taco Bandit

    82) By Relias

    83) By Dangereaux (Some more jazz ponies. Sweet.)

    84) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    85) By Bravura (Has anypony else ever actually done this?)

    86) By Macon Mixx

    87) By Ambrose (That's a great title.)

    88) By Lancer5317

    89) By Leaf Growth

    90) By Bobby Bartram

    91) By Tanman (I looked it up, and harp guitars are actual things. Holy crap.)

    92) By Mockingbird

    93) By Avnas Ishtaroth

    94) By Crimson Risk (Doube trombone action.)

    95) By Kt Kat (With lines like that she could have anypony she wanted.)

    96) By Frith (I wish I had the space to share with you all the comment the artist left for me. It's an awesome story.)

    97) By Omega RKB

    98) By Djrk16 (The rest of the night was spent explaining the lyrics: I want to kill everypony in the world.)

    99) By The Flying Tomato

    100) By Dr. Trotson

    101) By Coquette (Musical shipping is a popular theme today.)

    102) By Konig

    103) By zorg (This must be incredibly somber music. Just look at their faces...)

    104) By Alipes (I think a triangle is about the only thing you can add to the One Pie Band.)

    105) By Zach (Taaaaake ooonnnn meeeee~)

    106) By Ego (This explains SO MUCH.)

    107) By Neoridgeback

    108) By Natry (*rimshot*)

    109) By MHPayne

    110) By redcladhero

    111) By Gear X. Machina

    112) By DJ Rainbow Dash (Eeyup.)

    113) By Luke Chermak

    114) By Filiecs

    115) By Starlite (This has me wondering if she brings that bench with her everywhere.)

    116) By Spiritofthwwolf

    117) By Frostclaw

    118) By BlackYousa (Pfft, who's arguing? That's totally what I meant.)

    119) By PinkamenaPie (Failing to figure out you don't have musical talent runs in the Apple Family.)

    120) By Buddy Vox (Octavia snuck a peak at today's submissions. She asks you: why!?!)

    121) By TapeDiggity

    122) By Immersa

    123) By Kooldude (How are the acoustics on the moon, anyway?)

    124) By Kooldude

    125) By StarStep

    126) By Farvei

    127) By SiuiS (Sweet chin music, hurr hurr.)

    128) By Prismatic Pretzel (She is a unicorn of many talents.)

    129) By Fetchbeer (This scene takes place shortly after Vinyl Scratch was frozen in carbonite.)

    130) By Kitsune

    131) By A Terrible Person

    132) By RaspleZS (You got Peanuts in my ponies...)

    133) By TopoCruz

    134) By Starlight bolt (Rock on, party ponies. Rock on.)

    135) By Thattagen (This is awesome because I've been listening to Deadmau5 all night.)

    136) By AlterForm

    137) By BronyQuest (Double your Lyra, double your fun.)

    138) By Shockwave

    139) By Chromadancer

    140) By PinkiePied (Your alternate submission made me giggle. I just wanted you to know that.)

    141) By Arion

    142) By Uncle Leo

    143) By Spurs (I don't think it's possible to draw a pony playing a violin and have it lok bad.)

    144) By Eidolon Proggy

    145) By Phantom G

    146) By Tenchi Outsuno

    147) By Kelz (I've a very Derpy showdown.)

    148) By Applefrittermlp

    149) By PVRyohei (I think this is as close to my third hopeful interpretation as we're going to get.)

    150) By Riokenn

    151) By nuclearsuplexattack

    152) By Fox E:

    153) By djTeka

    154) By DJ RBDash

    155) By Madtaz64

    156) By Sashley

    157) By StarSongPony

    158) By Periphery

    159) By calamari

    160) By Avohkah Tamer

    161) By Eeful (Daft. Ponies.)

    162) By Magnet

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