• June 2011 Friendoff

    I know this is late. I know Seth usually does these. I know some of you guys have already made entries in anticipation of it. What can I say? Sometimes life gets in the way. It's easy to make a post with some rules in it and say, "go!" but it's a lot more difficult to make sure that the next week is going to be free enough for me to corral all the entries.

    Read: Cereal's a lazy, lazy pony! The Friendoff starts now!

    I had brandied about the idea of reversing the rules for this Friendoff- writers draw and artists write. But let's be honest; that would probably end in disaster. Plus, some ponies have the ability to do both. Also, it would require that I draw a pony, which I'm awful at. As a result, I've decided to keep this Friendoff pure, in the spirit of the originals. If you like a story, draw a picture for it! If you have a picture that you really like, write a story around it! Simple as that.

    This is the kind of stuff I'll need from you guys in your email. If it doesn't follow this format, I'm tossing it. I'm expecting a lot of entries. Try to make this easier on me!

    If You're Writing

    1) The link to the picture you've based your story on. Include the artist's name. If you don't know it, find out. Ask around.
    2) Your story. No attached Word documents, please. Include either a Google Docs, DeviantArt, or FF.net link.
    2 ½) Include a story tag, like [Normal] or [Sad]. No descriptions or additional tags for these. The picture should be all the description your reader needs!
    3) The name that you wish to be credited by.
    4) Put the word STORY in the subject line.

    If You're Drawing

    1) The link to the story your drawing is based on. Include the author's name.
    2) Your drawing. You can either attach it in the email or host it externally.
    3) The name that you wish to be credited by.
    4) Put the word ART in the subject line.

    The Friendoff will run until Thursday night, June 9th, at 11:55PM CST. For reference, this is 9:55PM blog time.

    Send your entries to [email protected]! If you've already sent one in previously, resend it!

    Go go go!

    If you're having trouble deciding, Nightmare could use a picture. Just saying. inb4 Seth deletes this.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here