• June 6th (Tomorrow) Is the official Laughter Day!

    Similiar to the Kindness Day festivities that happened a few months ago, tomorrow has been deemed the official Laughter day!

    There is also a Facebook Group to join. Or you can check out the Ponychan thread.

    You can find a quick quote on what Laughter Day is all about after the break!

    June 6th is The Elements of Harmony: Laughter Day!
    "This is your singing telegram. I hope it finds you well. You're invited to a party 'cause we think you're really swell!"

    -Laughter! Start the day off with something that makes you laugh and puts you in a good mood.

    -Spread the laughter. All day, try to make as many other people laugh as you can, even if it means being more silly than you're used to.

    -Wear some pink in honor of Pinkie Pie horsepresents the Element of Laughter. Depending on what you wear you might spread some laughter just with your clothes.

    -Cupcakes! Make and share cupcakes with family and friends.

    -Being Pinkie Pie themed, if you want to throw a party do it! Remember the blue and yellow balloons. Oh, and STREAMERS!

    -Face you fears! If you can do it safely, take Granny Pie's advice and try to overcome some fear you have. Giggle at that ghostie! Don't be upset if you don't succeed, it's laughter day after all. Besides, trying counts.

    -Candy! Lots of it, if you want.

    Take care and have a Happy LAUGHTER DAY!"

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