• Collaborative Story Tellers Seeking Eager Ponies

    I believe that there are a limitless number of Twilight Sparkle looking cute while reading. Do you know why that is, fillies and colts? Because you keep writing stories! Yes, in order to keep Ms. Sparkle here supplied with new words to tease and tickle the tip of her tongue, it's our job as a creative community to keep on printing them. A well read pony is a happy pony.

    With that in mind, a couple of bronies have set into motion some very ambitious creative projects. What are those, you ask? Collaborative story telling projects! If you've ever wanted to get in on the creation of a massive overarching plot but didn't feel you had the time or energy to do it all yourself, then this is your chance. We've got ponies writing in two exciting flavors. Why not check them out and see if they're for you?

    Collaborative Storytelling - Grimdark Project

    Collaborative Storytelling - Campfire Stories

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