• More High Quality Gameloft Screenshots on Kotaku

    A couple more images of the new gameloft My Little Pony game have popped up over on Kotaku.  I'm actually looking forward to giving this one a shot!  It kind of reminds me of Sim Town in a way.

    Check out their article here!

    Thanks to lotusmist for the heads up. 

  • Spotlight Music: One Of Us / Discord's Chaotic Game

    A bit of vocal, a bit of sampling and Discordyness, and a whole bunch of electronic style. Check them out below!

    1.) Aviators and Lectro Dub - One Of Us
    2.) Discord's Chaotic Game [Glitch Hop]

  • Pony Pumpkin Event 2012

    See that Derpy up there? She has a letter for you.  Unfortunately she got stuck.  I'm here to relay it.  

    It's that time of the year once again for some pony pumpkins!  We ran a similar event last year with a huge amount of awesome carvings coming in if you wanted an example of what you can actually accomplish with a pumpkin.  So lets get it started! Head on down past the break for information on how to enter, as well as the normal rules! 

    I'm going to go rescue Derpy now. 

  • Toy Review - Vinyl Rainbow Dash and Derpy from Funko

    Announced just a few weeks days ago, these things are pretty new in the world of pony!   I really do wonder if It's some sort of marketing strategy to not give things release dates until the last minute when it comes to these characters (wru season 3 exact date announcement?), but I suppose they have their reasons!

    Anyway, these two are popping up at Hot Topics all over the place, as well as their website.  The second I saw them available, I knew I had to snag them immediately.  I don't know if you guys pay much attention around here, but I love me some molded ponies.

    Head on down past the break for my review on Funko's Derpy and Rainbow Dash!

  • FiM++: An Update

    You guys really make me proud.

    What started as a long, drawn-out joke has since then turned into a comparatively large project for several members of the community as they worked to formalize my (admittedly poor) language specification and turn it into something that could actually be implemented and used for real applications.

    Let me be clear on that- the current language specification is Turing-complete as far as I can tell. That's a major feat. You could actually use it for projects if you so desired once full-fledged interpreters have been written, and they're already well on their way to doing so.

    Thank you all for taking this seed of an idea, planting it, and making something awesome out of it. I'm floored. I've never been happier with our tech-oriented members of the community than I am right now. I could have never done any of this myself, and it shows me how incredibly talented some of you can be if given an idea. I can't take any credit for this. It's all on you guys. You rock.

    Click past the break for a breakdown on where everyone has headed with this. Trust me, you're not going to be disappointed. As always, if I missed anything major here, email me at cerealvelocity@equestriadaily.com and I will include it.

  • Lots of Pony Comic Information + New Cover

    Bobby Curnow over on the IDW Publishing forums released this image of a variant on the issue #1 comic.   This is considered cover "C", which connects to a second cover for a full image similiar to how the others connect to one another.  

    And in other news, a few more comic tidbits have come out.  Head on down past the break for a whole bunch of awesome information on the project! 

  • Comic: Autumnshy / Preparation / Wrong Spell

    Honestly something like that would actually make some sense on earth ponies! And be hilarious.

    Have some comics.  We have a Salem parody and more Pinkie being ridiculous below.

  • Story Updates October 15th (Afternoon)

    Lots of newer fics getting updated today! Charge!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #596

    I'm still leaning toward Sweetie Bot for top fandom invention. 

    Have some art while I go commission a series based around her!

    Source 1
    S.W.E.E.T.I.E - B.O.T 2.0

  • Plushie Compilation #88

    It's been getting colder and colder around here recently, the leaves changing colors and falling off the trees as winter gets closer and closer. At least Fluttershy here is prepared! I still have to get my winter things from home in Michigan, heh.

    Plush ponies on the horizon! Have some heart attacks after the break!

    Source 1
    Fluttershy custom plush - Winter outfit

  • Story: Just passing through (Update Part 8!)


    Author: Caliaponia
    Description: Cloudsdale. Bastion of the Pegasi, linchpin of weather control, home to the Wonderbolts. A magnificent metropolis gracing the skies of Equestria. So what happens when an oblivious human starts stumbling around in a sailplane? As they say, hilarity ensues.
    Just passing through (New Part 8!)

    Additional Tags: non-brony, exploding rainbows, language barrier
  • Discussion: What Do You Want to See In Gameloft's Pony Game?

    Now that we know a bit more about Gameloft's new pony game, I'm sure you all have expectations for the project.  So far we know it will be focused on building ponyville, with a bunch of mini games on the side, but we haven't dug up the specifics quite yet. 

    So, assuming you have all tried a sim style game at least once in your lives, what do you want to see out of this one?  Any specific features you are looking forward to?

    Hit up the comments with your feedback!
  • Story: The Eternal Song (Update Part 10!)


    Author: Stereo_Sub
    Description: Hey, wanna hear a story?

    'Course you do. It's me telling it, after all. When has Vinyl Scratch ever let ya down?

    All right. Sit your flank down and listen. This one's gonna be good.
    It's the story of a night of hard drinking, an old record shop, and the fate of a world I never knew existed. A story of ancient songs, angry gods, and weird and terrifying creatures. A story of a certain white unicorn and her mostly-willing quest to save the universe, with the help of a snarky piece of sentient jewelry, some sweet magical powers, and a host of strange and interesting characters.

    And it's about friends, too. And love, and promises made and broken, and the endless beat of the eternal song that runs through all of us.
    ... Jeez, that got pretty deep, didn't it? Well, anyway, yeah.

    This is that story.
    The Eternal Song (New Part 10!)

    Additional Tags:  Music, Journeys, Battles, Love, Discovery

  • Spotlight Music: Celestia / Sunrise in the Everfree

    We have a bit of vocal rock stuff to start us off today, followed by some ambient/chill Everfree Forest music. Check them all out below!

    1.) Celestia
    2.) Emkay - Sunrise in the Everfree (Remade)

  • Music of the Day #4

    It's a little late tonight! I blame pandas. They keep eating all of our EQD brand bamboo, forcing me to garden for more.

    Or something.

    Have a whole bunch of music of the day!

    And be sure to check out this post if you plan on submitting any music to EQD. It will save your life, I promise.

  • Nightly Roundup #468

    I see you guys wanted some Daring Do so I was happy to oblige. She is a pretty cool pony I must admit! Maybe we will see more of her someday.

    News you guys! Check after the break.