• Plushie Compilation #88

    It's been getting colder and colder around here recently, the leaves changing colors and falling off the trees as winter gets closer and closer. At least Fluttershy here is prepared! I still have to get my winter things from home in Michigan, heh.

    Plush ponies on the horizon! Have some heart attacks after the break!

    Source 1
    Fluttershy custom plush - Winter outfit

    Source 2
    Lyra Heartstring Plush- With Socks

    Source 3
    Lying Fluttershy

    Source 4
    Older Sweetie Belle Plushie

    Source 5
    Sweetie Bell Commission for jokermiester

    Source 6
    Pinkamena plushie (My Little Pony)

    Source 7

    Source 8
    Twilight Sparkle Plush

    Source 9
    Pony Plushie Pattern v2.0 (For those of you looking to make your own plushies!)

    Source 10
    Octavia #1

    Source 11
    Fluttershy and Rarity

    Source 12
    Sleeping Rarity

    Source 13
    Sleeping Pinkie Pie

    Source 14
    Sleeping Derpy

    Source 15
    Pinkie-Pie Plush: My first one

    Source 16
    Lyra Heartstrings Plushie #2

    Source 17
    Vinyl Scratch

    Source 18
    Elite Twilight Sparkle plushie with movable head

    Source 19
    Princess of the Night, Luna!

    Source 20
    Queen Chrysalis

    Source 21
    Fluttershy filly

    Source 22

    Source 23
    my little pony group plush

    Source 24
    Commission - MLP - Another Rarity

    Source 25
    Rainbow Dash on cloud

    Source 26
    Spike plushie, 13 inch high

    Source 27
    medium Twilight Sparkle

    Source 28
    Princess Cadance

    Source 29
    Princess Luna season 2 plushie new pattern

    Source 30
    sweetie belle

    Source 31
    Minky Lyra

    Source 32
    Scootaloo Plushie

    Source 33

    Source 34

    Source 35
    Little Applejack

    Source 36
    Braeburn Plush I

    Source 37

    Source 38
    Minky Derpy

    Source 39
    Vinyl Scratch


    Source 40
    Filly Fluttershy


    Source 41

    Source 42
    Rainbowdash with socks!