• Toy Review - Vinyl Rainbow Dash and Derpy from Funko

    Announced just a few weeks days ago, these things are pretty new in the world of pony!   I really do wonder if It's some sort of marketing strategy to not give things release dates until the last minute when it comes to these characters (wru season 3 exact date announcement?), but I suppose they have their reasons!

    Anyway, these two are popping up at Hot Topics all over the place, as well as their website.  The second I saw them available, I knew I had to snag them immediately.  I don't know if you guys pay much attention around here, but I love me some molded ponies.

    Head on down past the break for my review on Funko's Derpy and Rainbow Dash!

    You may be wondering why I'm starting this with a receipt.   As much as they love to dance around using her name, Derpy is definitely Derpy according to their computer overlord! The box itself doesn't explicitly list it, but receipts don't lie! 

    The first thing i want to make a note of here is the actual packaging.  These are technically collectables, and fortunately for those of us that don't want to keep them locked away in a box forever to preserve their collectable status, these come completely un-taped.  Simply slip the top and slide the toy out, then toss it back in when you need to store it.  No one would be the wiser.  My poor Comic Con Derpy has been trapped since I got her! 

    Now on to the actual toys. 

    These guys are definitely high quality, no doubt about that!  I was actually expecting them to be much smaller than they actually were (Size comparison further down).  The solid vinyl material feels durable, and the toys themselves are pretty heavy for the size.  

    Rainbow Dash herself actually has her full rainbow mane and tail.  This is the first toy to really pull it off, thanks to it's much larger size.  I doubt it's easy to mass produce something with so many colors woven together like that.  

    There are a few blemishes though.  Specks of orange made their way over to the yellow, though it isn't too noticeable.   My toy in particular has a black dot on the tip right ear that is a bit jarring.  Overall though, I'm impressed.  

    The cutie mark itself is pretty much flawless minus a bit missing from the tip, and there is a bit of glue residue creeping up from her tail.  Again, not too big a deal.  I actually didn't even notice it until I go to this point in my review. 

    Derpy is pretty much completely flawless on a quality level.  A single color for the mane and tail definitely helps out in that department!  I really can't see any imperfections or derps on mine. Hopefully you will all have similar luck! 

    Derpy's mark is also perfect, with a perfect tail connection this time around.  I couldn't be happier with her!

    And speaking of tails,  Derpy's is huge!   It's actually balances her out pretty well in my opinion!  I wonder how massive Fluttershy's is going to be?

    Straight on, their cheeks are a bit puffy.  I do like the pointyness in their noses though.  The usual  brushables always had sort of a rounded thing going that bugged me.   These molds are similar, but definitely new overall. 

    Another thing to note that some of you collectors might be a bit more curious about, is the lack of My Little Pony branding on the hoof. It's not a bad thing by any means, I just figured I'd make a note of it!

    And finally, as promised, a size comparison.  Like I said earlier, these are much larger than I expected.  Fashion size has always been huge in terms of pony toys, and Derpy almost reaches those in height. 

    So, should you buy these?

    Hell yeah you should buy these. Buy them all! We need more like this! It's about time we got some high quality molded ponies, and I'm praying these are just the beginning! 

    Now all we need are super high quality show-accurate plushies and Friendship is Magic will be perfect in the merch area!