• Pony Pumpkin Event 2012

    See that Derpy up there? She has a letter for you.  Unfortunately she got stuck.  I'm here to relay it.  

    It's that time of the year once again for some pony pumpkins!  We ran a similar event last year with a huge amount of awesome carvings coming in if you wanted an example of what you can actually accomplish with a pumpkin.  So lets get it started! Head on down past the break for information on how to enter, as well as the normal rules! 

    I'm going to go rescue Derpy now. 

    • It must be a carving of a pumpkin, not a drawing on a pumpkin
    • Normal EQD Worksafe stuff applies
    • If you are inexperienced at carving pumpkins, don't cut yourself! 
    Deadline:  October 27th 12:00 PM PST

    Where do I send them?

    We will be using our EQD submission system.  Simply click the "Pony Pumpkin Event" event and fill in the blanks with your entry.  There will be a maximum of two submissions per person, so pick your best pictures!

    A tutorial for grabbing the URL of an image can be found below.  We will not be taking direct image submissions, so make sure you follow it!

    Paste your URL Here: