• Music of the Day #1 + Introduction

    EQD Gets a ton of music, and we want to give everyone a shot. Many of you aren't even sure on how the review process works for music, which isn't too surprising since it changes almost monthly! We are trying something new out for stuff that doesn't quite make it through.

    Anyway, head on down past the break for information on it, or just go to listen to a bunch of music!

    EQD Review Process for Music:
    We have around 20 people from the music community at any given time reviewing music.  Each day a list is sent over and they all toss their personal votes in.  Once it is tallied up, we post the ones that make it through with a majority "yes".  Some songs skip the review process if there isn't a need (EQD is a news site after all, and some music is "news"!) , and some (troll tracks,  music that isn't pony in the slightest, under 1-2 minute songs, horrible recording quality, ect) do not get reviewed at all.

    Music in review is hit with all sorts of different requirements, from how well it's mixed and mastered,  singing skill, keeping to the beat, repetitiveness (something we debate often), how pony it is (another thing debated constantly), and a pile of other factors that change on a per-song basis.  This tends to begin in the morning (9-12 PM Pacific time) and last all day as people submit their votes.  If you want your music in, send it the day before.   And again, some music does skip this process entirely. 

    What is this Post?:
    Using the review process, we are trying something new.  Songs that get the majority "yes" in review will follow the standard EQD model of joining two other tracks in a post and be labeled "spotlight", while those that don't quite make the cut will be compiled nightly in "Music of the Day".  

    EQD tends to get anywhere from 20-30 tracks a day, so our requirements are relatively high on what actually makes it. As you have probably noticed, we tend to have around 2-3 music  posts per day, so the majority isn't getting posted.  This should give the ones that don't make it a second chance!

    These posts are not for "bad" music, in fact I bet a bunch of you will actually like what you find here.  We still have a quality control element in place, though it is much more lenient than EQD has ever had for music. 

    Will there be any change to Submitting Music?
    The only thing we ask here is that you include the genre.  Music submission will still go as it is now.  If you see a cool song, or if you created a cool song, send it in.  If it's older than a week, chances are we got it already!  But for the sake of these posts and our sanity, include a genre!

    Like everything on EQD, this will either evolve rapidly as we tweak it, or die off in a fiery inferno while we decide on a better way.   Feel free to drop your recommendations below the break.

    Everyone else, go listen to some music! We have 11 tonight.  Check them all out below!

    Note: We are not taking old refused tracks at this time, only new stuff. 

    Found My Place - Rap 

    Dance some More- Electronic

    The Running of the Leaves - Parody

     Rainbow Dash, Leale Fuga

    Through the Clouds - Electronic

    Clover's Odyssey - Orchestral

    Princess Celestia 

    Dash at the Gala 

    A New Perspective

     Jewel Hunting