• Pixelkitties Showered in Fallout Swag

    The above picture has a lot of stuff in it. It's hard to miss the giant print of the super awesome amazing Pixelkitties' Skyrim comic (now signed by the Bethesda staff!), but scattered around are some amazing New Vegas posters, an authentic bottle of Nuka Cola, a dev-exclusive Brotherhood of Steel figurine, and even a Vault-Tec Pixelkitties blindbag custom. One hundred percent of the things seen here were given to her by the folks at Bethesda Softworks as thanks for some of her comics and images.

    Bronies are everywhere, and video game companies happen to be a part of 'everywhere', but it's still incredible to see the kinds of awesome things and reaching out that can happen when people with good hearts and open minds connect, and we should totally give Bethesda a huge collective pat on the back and bro hoof for their super cool attitude. Although we need to note, this is NOT an indication of any official endorsement of ponies by Bethesda. It's just nice people doing nice things. Here's the story in Pixelkitties' own words:

    I received an email from Bethesda Softworks about five months ago, fully expecting it to be some manner of "cease and desist" for all my silly Fallout parodies. Instead it was from an employee at the company who was a big fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and, for some reason, my art. He was planning to attend Canterlot Gardens and wanted to know if I would be willing to accept impossible-to-get Fallout swag in exchange for a break on prices for a huge order of stuff for himself and the other pony fans around the office.

    Being a huge geek concerning everything related to Fallout and Skyrim I happily agreed! My friend (Rhiss on DeviantArt) and the folks at Bethesda ordered a ton of the Fallout-themed posters, soda bottles, and requested a special, large version of the Bound By Derp comic. Over the next couple months Rhiss and I became fast friends. When the convention rolled around he came by my table with all the Fallout goodies in the pic.

    Just yesterday I received a package from FedEx. Inside was one of the comic posters he asked for except now it was signed by every member of of the development team! Cue several hours of freaking out and running around holding it over my head and making whooping noises. =D

    I would be happy to share the bottle of Nuka Cola, except it quite literally is a relic! Bethesda ordered a bunch of them in 2008 for the release of Fallout 3, so whatever is in there now is probably flat as a pancake and unfit for human consumption!