• Nightly Roundup #463

    Happy two years everyone! I can't believe pony has been going on for so long, and is stronger than ever! Who would have thought?

    Thanks to SouthParkTaoist for the banner!

    Onward to nightly roundup stuff, or a celebration of all things community in other words!


    I finally had cake in my nightly roundup folder. You guys never send me cake.




    Pony Mural Progress

    Thanks for all the advice and support for ponies everywhere. this time around we had different supplies and more people woot ^_^. Anywho we made a bunch more progress tonight and all smell a bit less like paint thinner and id say the mural is about 60% clean which is 20% cleaner than yesterday. At this rate we may see a fully restored mural within the next week or so and we'll keep ya posted on the progress. Oh and if you opted to try to join our facebook page and got denied its nothing against you we just want to keep the group as a place where people can find out who's a brony on campus to thx to y'all in the UK and /) to your enthusiasm.

    Progress and some of us who made it possible: http://i.imgur.com/q0cVQ.jpg

    Progress w/out us bronies in the way: http://i.imgur.com/q0cVQ.jpg

    facebook page where we'll keep things updated:https://www.facebook.com/groups/295836253772164/


    Stay Brony my Friends Episode 26 re-air Season Finale

    Join Dustykatt and Screwball as they welcome Baron Engel to Dusty's front room to hear about his background in the art field and his lucid dreamscapes. Then stick around to watch Baron explain and show his drawing and color techniques on camera!


    Enterplay Binder Review

    Check it out here!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    PonyRenFest is a massive three day camping meet-up happening this weekend, Oct 12th - 14th. This is going to take place at Texas Renascence Festival where we plan on having a brony campground party.   For this very special event, we will have our own massive area in the campgrounds specifically for bronies.  With months of preparation, this will be the biggest (non-convention) meet up in Texas. 

    All information regarding Texas Renascence Festival itself can be found on its website. http://texrenfest.com/.

    PonyRenFest Facebook event page:

    Houston Brony website (Not used as much as facebook):

    The King announcing our event at Comicpalosa:

    PonyRenFest schedule:
    CT Meetup

    "Attention able bodied bronies,
    This is a call to arms! On Saturday October 20th in Fairfield CT at 1PM there will be a large scale laser tag battle hosted at the First Person Sports indoor laser tag arena. All willing to enlist for either the New Lunar Republic or the Solar Empire, submit your conscript paper (RSVP) to [email protected].
    You can check out the facility's website at Firstpersonsports.com
    Hope the see you on the battlefield

    UPDATE: There are still open slots for new recruits, the deadline is October 15th. This event will not take place if we do not have enough people! Tell your friends, spread the word, the more who play the less you will have to pay!"

    Chicago Meetup

    You know what there hasn't been enough of? Breakfast meetups. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it has all the best foods, so why not have a meetup? We'll be dining at the Sweet Maple Cafe near UIC and just a few minutes away from the Racine Blue Line Stop. We'll meetup around 10 am in front of the restaurant and after we get enough ponies, we'll go in and go from there. You can find more info here on our FB page:https://www.facebook.com/events/535089209850480/

    Michigan Applebucking Festival

    Come applebuck with your fellow Michigan Bronies! All bronies/pegasisters in the state of Michigan are invited to come have a good time! Event will be held at The Country Mill in Otto, MI this Saturday, October 13 from 12-whenever!

    Ohio Facebook Group

    Calling all bronies who reside or are planning on residing at Ohio Wesleyan University! There is now a pony Facebook group which we can use to organize the local herd, chat and plan meetups. Link here https://www.facebook.com/groups/OWUBronies/