• Giant Merchandise Post: Ponies Guaranteed!

    Look, I'm not saying that this is what happens when ponies have purchasing power, but this is totally what happens when ponies have purchasing power. Little fillies especially. And if you're supportive of this, then you'll have to bend capitalism to your will and spend money so that these little fillies can make the dough they need to have apple fritters. And also purchasing power.

    But how to do that, I hear you asking. Well, you could do a lot worse than to run to the store (right now. Why are you even reading this?) and buy all of the things you see below the page break. Or, you know, just look at them. Pony product guaranteed, or you pay nothing for this post.

    Pony Advent Calendars: The Returnening

    It's come back once again, ready to count down the holidays months before it's time to do so. The Unified Field Theory of Creep continues. Found in a store called Müller in Austria. Thank you, DDD Licious for the tip.

    Ponies on Your Wrapping Paper for Multilayered Pony Jokes

    Discovered in Toys R Us, for a scant $4.29. Give the gift of pony while telegraphing it to your friends!

    Rainbow Dash is Best Body Jewelry

    What exactly is body jewelry in this context, anyway? I can't figure out where you're supposed to wear this. Go to Hot Topic and find out for yourself! Ace detective Caramel Swirl wins a gold star sticker for this one.

    Pony Game Rugs Are Actually  A Thing

    Color your favorite ponies! Leave your least favorite ones uncolored! Beat them when they get dirty! Be the life of every party with your very own My Little Pony Game Rug! There's... bound to be a lot of games you can play with a rug. ...Right?