• Nightly Roundup #462

    Fuzzy Applejack edition.  Look at how fuzzy that is. That's seriously fuzzy.

    Have some roundup. 


    Pinkie Pie looks incredibly happy here!

    Ponycon AU charity Album

    For PonyCon in Australia, there is a new charity Album that will help fund the Brony musicians' transport to the convention. (Very similar to Balloon Party)
    The home of this project is at a (new) forum located here: http://bauparty.bugs3.com/forum/

    My Little Game Jam Ends

    Copy Paste:
    The first My Little Game Jam has just ended and submitted games are
    being voted by users right now.

    There are almost 40 games made within 48 hours of competition by
    single developers, who had to create all assets, music etc. by

    Submitted games are available here!

    Shining Armor Invades Lydia vs. the Zombies #1 Printed Comic

    Sneaky Shining Armor! I see that mark!

    Haven't a Clue!


    Tale of Princess Reverie Sampler

    I heard you guys liked those audio radio plays! Have a new one.


    Canterlot Voice Charity Competition

    We got another steaming hot batch of Canerlot Voice for you all, so give it a taste--I mean, a listen! But be cautious, 'cause I said it was hot and it might melt your brain.

    In today's episode, Noctriix has the honor of welcoming Phil the Time Wizard on to the podcast and discuss the new Canterlot Charity and some other questionable questions that need questioning.



    Successful Meetups

    Finland Meetup

    We gathered at the Arnolds coffee shop in the Hansa shopping centre, the turnout being quite impressive and our people numbered in the dozens. Many new acquaintances were met. The first step in our battle plan was to raid local toy stores, and the most influential of us even made some phone calls to secure Blind Bags from stores further away. However, this was in vain, as most had already run out. Our shopping tour fruitless but our spirits intact, we had no choice but to march on.

    The group photo was taken on the bustling shopping street (photo by yours truly, not pictured), temporarily blocking the path of non-pony pedestrians, after which it was time to eat. We headed off to a local pizzeria, aptly named "La Luna", but not without ensuring first that there, indeed, was room for each of us. The most popular menu item among us was also named after the famed Princess of the Night. Once our bellies had been filled to the brim with noms, we felt like something sweet. We killed time at the café of a nearby movie theater, after which it was already late enough to think of something to do in the evening.

    The meetup can be considered nothing less than a success and everyone, so I believe, is eagerly waiting for our next escapade. May it happen soon.

    Florida Meetup

    The Central Florida Bronies Orlando division had a quick bowling "micro" meetup on Friday, October 5, 2012 at Boardwalk Bowl followed by eating at a local Steak & Shake. It involved 30 members for bowling (including a couple who drove from 2 hours away from Tampa) and roughly 25 who stayed around to eat later.

    The CFBs were set begin arriving at the bowling alley after 6:30 PM, of course most of the rest arrived by 7:42 PM. In CFB fashion, three group merchants were available to sell all sorts of accessories such as tags, cards, perler ponies, and plenty more. Other generic bowling activies included random hug rape of Eric "Rainbro Dash", showing off ball throwing methods (the less successful "Applebucking method" and the more successful "Fluttershy Toss"), which were clearly being experimented since most scores barely floated above 100. Bowling was all complete by 9:48 PM, and it was time for the few members of the Tampa division to head home.

    The rest of the group finished assembling at Steak & Shake by 10:16 PM, where they, well, yeah, ate, and talked. Pretty much until 12:06 AM. And they took the last group photos and a few danced to "Surfin Bird."

    Gangnam Style
    Fluttershy Toss


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Bluescreen Bronies

    We are the Bluescreen Bronies! A gaming review, interview, preview, and idea bastion for the Brony community. We are currently looking for Brony gaming guilds and clans to interview to discuss their perspective of the games they play, the Brony community within the game, or lack thereof. We hope to spread the word that like-minded people are sharing your game experiences. Feel free to contact our email below to schedule an interview with us!

    Also if you're a game or mod creator and would like your project spotlighted feel free to shoot us an email and help spread the word about your idea and even maybe help build ideas for people without the proper tools!

    [email protected]

    As always, Brony on and keep the Game Over screens at bay!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Zombronies Shirt