• Welovefine - Dora Lerf Q&A, Doctor Whoof Shirts, and Hoodies!

    We have a pretty huge welovefine update this time around!  As many of you have already probably noticed, the Favorite Pony contest ended with Dora Lerf picking up the 3000 dollar prize for her "The Sparkly Night" design.  Both WLF and us here at EQD decided to throw some questions togeather for her, interview style.  Hopefully you all can glean some tips for the next big contest!

    And in other news, they have added a whole lineup of new Doctor Whoof shirts, as well as a few new male size hoodies.   Head on over to their My Little Pony section to grab them, with images up above!

    If you want a chance at winning one, it looks like a contest is going on right now at their twitter page:

    Find that here!

    Head on down past the break for the full Lora Derf Q&A!

    Hi Dora! Tell our WeLoveFine.com community a little about yourself - where are you from, how long have you been a designer, etc.

    Hi, I am Dora, 22, originally from Hungary but I have been doing university in Scotland for a while now.  I started designing shirts in the summer of 2011 on an old, ragged Graphirie - we both took a long journey since then. Basically, everything started after I moved here - I was in a desperate need of a job but that is hard to find, especially as a foreign student, so I had a lot of time on my hands and had to find a way to kill it.

    Is drawing something you've always been interested in? And are your awesome skills self-taught or did you study design?

    Oh well, thank you. As for the question, I think it's probably a mix of the two... I started out in a special primary school that was heavily focused on art and took some illustrating classes along with that - this went on until I was 14 (I know it might sound a bit ridiculous because I was just so young!). I didn't think it was my way at that point so I almost completely gave up on art and didn't draw anything until last year. I literally had to re-learn everything and I am just starting to get on that lever I used to be before I stopped drawing.

    As your style developed, who did you look to for influences and inspiration?

    I am always walking around with my eyes opened, looking for new shows, new tehcniques. Apart from the big old names (Mucha, Van Gogh, Klimt, Goya, Vargas, Elvgren...) I really like some contemporary artists like Loish, Keane, the Bancroft brothers, Audrey Kawasaki... I think the biggest inspiration is to see all these people (but even if you just go on deviantart) being wonderful artists and that gives me the urge to get better at what I am doing. There is always someone who I prefer a bit more over the others, so I guess I just have "phases" in my art, sortof.

    When you sat down to design for the My Little Pony contest, how did you come to the design you eventually ended up submitting?

    It's actually a funny story - I visited home, Hungary in summertime, 40°C,  you just reaaally don't want to go out, especially after the nice Scottish weather. So I was daydreaming about the chilly Edinburgh, walking down Princes street in the wind, passing the National Gallery with the newly opened Van Gogh exhibition... Bingo. There was a followup piece with Fluttershy based on a Klimt portrait because I ended up in Vienna a week later :D

    Why did you choose Twilight Sparkle, and what is it about her character that you love? What are your other favorite characters on the show, too?

    I instantly symphatised with Twilight at the beginning of the series. She is a bit like me - studious and keeps distance, got so buried in her work that forgot to go out and get friends until she got the necessary kick. My other favourites are Rarity and Apple Jack.

    Describe an element of "The Sparkly Night" that you are really pleased with how it turned out.

    I think my favourite part is the Moon with Nightmare Moon - I can't remember if it was planned first when I came up with the idea but that's definitely I love the most.

    Are you a part of any of the art groups in the fandom?  Or any real life meetup groups? If so, how did they react to your winning?

    I am a closet brony. I know several others but we are scattered across the globe and none of them I know because of the show.  It's a bit sad tho - I know there are some really great people and artists in the fandom, I am just really terrible at socializing.

    In your opinion, what design elements are best to keep in mind when you are working on a piece of art for a t-shirt, hoodie or other apparel?

    I like to have a general idea before I start - meaning here that I either want something that's visually complex but the idea is very simple (like pinups or art nouveau pieces) or it's something that's a bit obscure hence needs to be done without overdetailing it. It needs to translate well (not necessarily instantly) and have to keep in mind that someone, somewhere will wear it and there might be kids around~

    Are there any styles of art that you haven't really worked in before that you would like to try your hand at in the future?  What types of designs do you personally find most appealing?

    I am really bad at colouring and painting so I don't do it much but ironically that's what I like to look at most. Style doesn't even matter if it's beautifully painted - I would really like to get better at it! I also love well done typography.

    What are some of your other favorite pop culture characters to draw, either other My Little Pony characters or entirely other properties?

    I am totally psyched about the Sailormoon relaunch next year so recently when I got some free time I have been working on an art nouveau series of the senshi. I would like to finish the classical ponies too at some point, with everyone from the mane six getting a fitting piece. Whatever I am obsessing over at the given moment, really.