• Neightly Roundup #432

    After seeing how poorly Hoity was doing in the polls I couldn't help but put him as the header tonight. Also, tonight's title is now 100% punnier thanks to PonySandwich. You wanted puns, well, you got them bud!

    Time for some news!

  • Equestria LA Announces Cindy Morrow, Amy Keating Rogers, and More!

    Equestria LA has recently released new information regarding recent developments concerning this year's convention. They'd first like to announce the attendance of Amy Keating Rogers and Cindy Morrow, bringing our pony writers to the masses.

    They would also like to announce that they are expanding the event! Now covering two days, EQLA promises more time for pony fun to all its attendees. Considering this also changes registration and hotel information a bit, it's advised to check out the press release after the break to get the full details.

    Equestria LA Website
  • Ponyinabox - Daring Do and Doctor Whooves Shorts

    This fandom clearly needs more Daring Do.  Luckily we have radio plays to do just that!  Head on down past the break for two new ones from Ponyinabox.  The first titled - Daring Do Adventures: Summer Vacation, and the second a side clip from their Doctor Whooves Adventures series.

  • Music: If I Could Fly // Twilight Venture I // Octavia's Secret

    Music is made of instruments! I bet you didn't know that. This fact brought to you by Sweetie Belle.

    Three instrumentals in this post: Scootaloo, an original composition, and Octavia.

    1) DongleKumquat - If I Could Fly
    2) Twilight Venture I
    3) Octavia's Secret (Mystery Land Remix)

  • My Little Pony Comic November Release Ad

    We actually had this submitted a bunch today, mainly people freaking out thinking it was an ad for season 3! Time to clarify it for you all at once!

    This is actually new ad for the upcoming MLP Comic slated for a November release date

    Still, its worth getting excited over anyway! They aren't copying episodes with these, so technically its even more pony for us to drool over. 

    Thanks to Nom de Pony for the image. 
  • Convention Compilation, September 7th

    It's a lazy, happy, summery sort of day here in early September. Lyra and Bon Bon have the right idea, and have chosen to spend today lying in the sun and grass. We blogponies, however, are not as smart. We spend all day inside slaving over a hot internet, delivering you ponies and pony news so that you can just sit back and let the ponies come to you.

    In addition to being a lazy late summer day, it's also Friday, and that means it's time for your weekly booster shot of convention news. Don't want to catch convention cold now, do you? Of course not.

    Lunafest: Announced
    Silly Fillycon: Sold out of pre-registration tickets!

  • Celestia Radio Streaming from Brony Fan Faire

    Celestia Radio will be streaming at Brony Fan Faire soon (5-15 minutes) and would love it if you guys can all join in on the fun! I hope everyone who is attending has a blast! Click the link below and either click Play in Flash or Play in Winamp/iTunes to join in.

    Celestia Radio at Brony Fan Faire

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Spike Replies and ThatScootaloo

    You couldn't ask for a more loyal and dedicated assistant than Spike! It's a shame that Twilight and the others seem to forget him sometimes. Considering his placement as the so called 7th 'pony' of the group, it isn't a surprise Spike has gotten his share of tumblr love. Spike Replies is one such tumblr with Spike providing answers to the questions he is given all while trying to keep sane despite the struggles of his life. With clean, well done artwork and a good sense of humor this tumblr is worth checking out!

    Spike Replies - First Page - Current Page

    Check out our other spotlight after the break!
  • Midwestria Announces Amy Keating Rogers, M.A. Larson, Charlotte Fullerton and an armada of others!

  • Instrumental Music: Inescapable Encounter / Luna's Song Of The Night / Relax In The Clouds

    Instrumental tracks! Who needs lyrics right?  We have a mix of everything this time.  Find them below. 

    1.) The Lunar War - Inescapable Encounter (Beach Dead loopable remix) (Orchestral)
    2.) Luna's Song Of The Night (Piano)
    3.) Relax In The Clouds - Rainbow Dash Lullaby Theme (Acoustic)
    4.) I'd Like to be a muffin (Dubstep)

  • Megaman 3 With Ponies? Dr. Discord's Conquest Announced!


    Every time I search for megamare or some derivation thereof I am rewarded with more content. This pleases Phoe. And coming down the pipeline now is a rather massive undertaking from za909 to ponify Megaman 3. Except not quite.

    He's taking it a good twelve steps farther than that and all but rewriting the game into something completely new, featuring Twilight Sparkle and a whole slew of classic NES games, which add to level design, new enemies, new music, and a whole lot of nostalgia. It's quite some ways away from being finished, but what's there looks pretty gosh darn cool.

    Check below the break for a video. While you're at it, go to this poll and tell Mr. za909 that yes, we want this to actually be a thing!
  • Ponified Apples to Apples - Ponies to Ponies

    Fans of the card game Apples to Apples will probably find something to enjoy in this one!  ScribbleQuill on Deviant Art has completed a full set of them for you all to play.   The duplex version is a full 96 pages at that! Hope you have some spare ink laying around!

    Have a blurb:
    "Some of you may have heard of the word/card game Apples to Apples. Well, it seems everything is getting ponified these days, because someone has taken it and made an entire set dedicated to ponies and the pony community! There's a full deck of nouns with everything from Applejack to Zecora, and a deck of adjectives to see just what people think is 20% cooler. Check the Deviantart post linked after the break for instructions on how to print your very own deck.


    This link will lead you to pdf's of the decks, created for both single and double-sided printers. The creator of the deck suggests you use thick paper as the front and backs may bleed through on paper of average thickness. Hopefully some people will bring the cards to these upcoming conventions--try to make the biggest game of Pony Apples to Apples you can!"

  • Journey of the Spark Animation + Recruitment

    Twilight Sparkle ins a dark and spooky forest? Looks like we have some creepy stuff on the horizon for our little ponies on the fan side of things. Head on down past the break to check out their promo!

    Journey of the Spark is currently looking for a bunch of people to help get this project rollin at a faster pace! You can find all information on that below the break as well.

  • PBS - Can Fandom Change Society?

    PBS has a web series called "Off Book" that specifically targets art throughout the internet, and their most recent episode had a full segment dedicated to the pony fandom. In it's short length it does a pretty great job of covering all the bases on why we love the show and why it has grown to the size it has. Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Story Updates September 7th (Afternoon)

    I have no clue what this is but one of these fics totally uses it as a title image.

    Have some story updates!

  • A Message from Rarity

    Please Click Me, Darling
    The ever talented Black Gryphon has just released this little Message from Rarity. Rarity, you're just too precious you know?
  • Drawfriend Stuff #557

    It's Applebloom Day in honor of Michelle Creber's birthday.  Go wish her the best! I'll hopefully have a banner up soon! Until then, have some art.

    Sadly this is the only bloom image we got today! You are all slackers.

    Source 1
    Fanart - iBloom
  • Comic: Where Fluttershy Learned the Stare / Masterplan / Stuck

    It must be a hoot working in the offices at DHX. Everyday is probably an adventure considering how awesomely creative and friendly these people are. Plus ponies all day long! How can you beat that?

    Comic you guys, click for full!

  • Music: Aviators - Home (Feat. Poni1Kenobi)

    It's totally Aviators birthday, and instead of giving him things, we are getting things.  The internet is so backwards!

    Anyway, he and Poni1Kenobi collabbed on this badass 6 minute orchestral rock song for you all to enjoy.   It's also part of an EP if you want to send some support his way! Now stop reading this and go listen, assuming you ever read this.

  • Shout Factory to Release Full Season 1 Set!

    It looks like December 4th won't only be Crystal Empire shenanigans for all of us here in the states! Shout Factory has announced a brand new full Friendship is Magic season one set on the same date as the Crystal Empire DVD!

    This one is completely exclusive to Amazon. Usually when it's exclusive to any retailer, its specifically for us, and they are definitely adding a bit of bonus content for our pony loving eyes to dig through.  This one promises to include "Brand-New Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew".  We finally got some special features!  Pony media has evolved!  It also includes the sing-a-longs for all you meetup runners, as well as the normal coloring sheets. 

    Right now you can find the four disc set on sale for pre-order at a ridiculously cheap $24.49.  They are gambling with us, just like Toys R' Us.  Lets show them how relevant we and support it so we can get more!

  • Story: Mortality Report


    Author: Bad Horse
    Description: Princess Celestia writes a report to her teacher on what she has learned about mortality.
    Mortality Report

    Additional Tags: life, death, duty, love, philosophy
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  • Nightly Roundup #431

    Considering how Fancy Pants is dominating in the current poll I guess it's appropriate to have him for the header tonight. Have some bonus Rarity as well since Fancy isn't complete without having someone to be gentlemanly towards.

    News you guys! Check it out after the break.