• Shout Factory to Release Full Season 1 Set!

    It looks like December 4th won't only be Crystal Empire shenanigans for all of us here in the states! Shout Factory has announced a brand new full Friendship is Magic season one set on the same date as the Crystal Empire DVD!

    This one is completely exclusive to Amazon. Usually when it's exclusive to any retailer, its specifically for us, and they are definitely adding a bit of bonus content for our pony loving eyes to dig through.  This one promises to include "Brand-New Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew".  We finally got some special features!  Pony media has evolved!  It also includes the sing-a-longs for all you meetup runners, as well as the normal coloring sheets. 

    Right now you can find the four disc set on sale for pre-order at a ridiculously cheap $24.49.  They are gambling with us, just like Toys R' Us.  Lets show them how relevant we and support it so we can get more!