• Journey of the Spark Animation + Recruitment

    Twilight Sparkle ins a dark and spooky forest? Looks like we have some creepy stuff on the horizon for our little ponies on the fan side of things. Head on down past the break to check out their promo!

    Journey of the Spark is currently looking for a bunch of people to help get this project rollin at a faster pace! You can find all information on that below the break as well.

    For anyone wanting to sign on as an Flash Animator/Animation Director, they can E-Mail us at [email protected] and follow the guidelines:
    ~ Animators/Animation Directors must be experienced with working in Adobe Flash
    ~ All applicants are required to show off previous examples of their work as well as an animation test involving ponies
    ~ Applicants must also be able to work in a team and must use Skype as a mandatory means of communication