• Ponified Apples to Apples - Ponies to Ponies

    Fans of the card game Apples to Apples will probably find something to enjoy in this one!  ScribbleQuill on Deviant Art has completed a full set of them for you all to play.   The duplex version is a full 96 pages at that! Hope you have some spare ink laying around!

    Have a blurb:
    "Some of you may have heard of the word/card game Apples to Apples. Well, it seems everything is getting ponified these days, because someone has taken it and made an entire set dedicated to ponies and the pony community! There's a full deck of nouns with everything from Applejack to Zecora, and a deck of adjectives to see just what people think is 20% cooler. Check the Deviantart post linked after the break for instructions on how to print your very own deck.


    This link will lead you to pdf's of the decks, created for both single and double-sided printers. The creator of the deck suggests you use thick paper as the front and backs may bleed through on paper of average thickness. Hopefully some people will bring the cards to these upcoming conventions--try to make the biggest game of Pony Apples to Apples you can!"