• Tumblr Spotlight: Spike Replies and ThatScootaloo

    You couldn't ask for a more loyal and dedicated assistant than Spike! It's a shame that Twilight and the others seem to forget him sometimes. Considering his placement as the so called 7th 'pony' of the group, it isn't a surprise Spike has gotten his share of tumblr love. Spike Replies is one such tumblr with Spike providing answers to the questions he is given all while trying to keep sane despite the struggles of his life. With clean, well done artwork and a good sense of humor this tumblr is worth checking out!

    Spike Replies - First Page - Current Page

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    Scootaloo and the rest of the CMC have certainly gotten popular since their debut oh so long ago. It's not surprising that there are quite a few tumblrs out there dedicated to the curious little fillies. ThatScootaloo presents a view of our Rainbow Dash obsessed pegasus that's not only cute but humorous as well! Check out the huge archive below to see for yourself.

    ThatScootaloo - First Page - Current Page

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