• Nightly Roundup #379

    I think I've been liking Fluttershy more and more lately. She's just so cute! I guess Seth is starting to rub off on me and soon I'll have a favorite pony every day of the week.

    Short roundup tonight guys! Guess you all were busy doing something else.

  • Story Updates July 16th (Midnight)

    Updating stories every single day.

  • Story: Daring-Do and the Griffon's Goblet (Update Complete!)


    Author: Sebbaa
    Description: The second book in the renown Daring-Do series.
    Join Daring on her quest for the Griffon's Goblet, the legendary drinking cup said to have belonged to Discord himself. A quest that will take her around the globe, from the highest towers of Canterlot to the lowest dungeons of the Lost Kingdom.
    Daring-Do and the Griffon's Goblet (New Part 5!)

    Additional Tags: Daring-Do, High Adventure, Travel, foreign lands
  • Story: I Am Chaos

    [Random][Slice of Life] "The style and formatting might turn some people off, but everything is in this story for a purpose. It's glorious to see it all work. -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates"

    Author: Feather Sigil
    Description: You think you know me so well, don’t you? I’m a spirit of chaos, and nothing else. You don’t even know the half of it! Sit back and indulge me for a little; I’ll make you understand what it truly means to be chaos itself.
    I Am Chaos

    Additional Tags: Existentialism, Deconstruction, Introspection, Melancholy, Helplessness
  • Source Filmmaker - Way better than Gmod for Ponies!

    As many of you Source enthusiasts have figured out by now, the Source Filmmaker was released back during the Pyro update.  We have had a whole bunch of Gmod ponies over the last year or so (Ever since the models were released), but this new program takes it to a whole new level.

    The new and improved pony models were also released pretty recently, and so far they all work.  There are supposedly a few bugs in the eyes, but the program overall gives much greater freedom, as well as being easier to use than what we had access to in Gmod.

    Check out a few examples:

    Meet the Applejack
    (Not) so good day
    Rejected Pinkie
    Derpy And Secrios

    Now, the reason I bring this whole thing up.  Would you all be interested in a sort of "learn source filmmaker" event?  We have enough mods/assets to do pretty much anything with it at this point, and one thing I love to do with EQD is watch things evolve.

    Discuss it in the comments!
  • Crave Online Interviews the FiM Cast at Comic Con!

    Remember back in the day when interviews were a once in a blue moon thing?! That sure did change!

    Crave did a short interview with all 5 of the show staffers who popped up at Comic Con, and the interviewer herself (in the middle) was decked out in a Pinkie Pie costume to make it all the sweeter.

    Check it out here!
  • Dat Steam Sale

    How many of you are in the same boat right now?

    I'm looking at my friend list.  30 people online, 4 in game. 

    (And have some Roseluck)

  • Random Merch: Welovefine Daily Deal / Wallet / Decals/ Lunchables Pony Promo

    You guys don't look pony enough, in fact, I'm one of the few people I know with a pony wallet.  This needs to change! Hot Topic is selling a new Rainbow Dash wallet.  I didn't get a price on it (Someone said it was around 14 bucks) , but thanks to Sketchbook for the image!

    Continue on after the break for even more pony stuff to deck yourselves out in.

  • Instrumental Music: Strange Towns / Watch In Awe / When Vinyl Scratch Dreams / Return of the Great and Powerful / Beware Banana Muffins

    We have a whole pile of instrumentals coming in, from orchestral to dubstep.  Check them out below.

    Also a lot of Trixie.  I totally didn't do it though! Blame the music reviewers, they seem to love Trixie!

    1.) Strange Towns [Original composition by NomNom] (Orchestral)
    2.) MLP_FIM - Watch_In_Awe(QuietDuck Original Mix) (Samples, Electronic)
    3.) When Vinyl Scratch Dreams - The V-Scratch Sessions (Smooth Electronic)
    4.) Radiarc - Return of the Great and Powerful (Orchestral)
    5.) TeiThePony & Elspongie - Beware Banana Muffins (feat. Moopy) (Dubstep)

  • Story: The Powers of Harmony (Update Part 29-30!)


    Author: CyborgSamurai
    The storm is breaking on the Horizon.
    It's been two months since the battle against Nightmare Moon. Luna is recovering, Celestia is busy turning the government back into a diarchy, and the Mane Six have returned to their lives. All seems well, but when Celestia discovers that half of the power of the Elements of Hamony have been transferred to each of the Bearers, she decides to send thirteen mysterious members of the Royal Guard to monitor them as they manifest and develop their new abilities.
    However, there's more going on than meets the eye. The sins of a forgotten war still linger, and an ancient evil lurks in the shadows, just waiting for the right time to strike. The Mane Six suddenly find themselves once again at the heart of a conspiracy to bring about Eternal Night, and only by awakening their powers and realizing their full potential can they do anything to stop it.
    Fortunately, they're not alone. Friends both old and new will help them along the way, and an unseen force will guide them as it seeks to right a wrong made thousands of years ago. The Bearer's journeys will take them outside the borders of Equestria and into the world beyond, and when they return, they'll have the power and experience necessary to save the world, and bring about balance in all things.
    The Powers of Harmony (New Part 29-30!)

    Additional Tags: Mane6 gain superpowers. Shenanigans ensue.
  • Wallpaper Compilation #59


    Leave the wallpaper compilation up to Cereal and you get... some Octavia. Yeah, let's just pretend you weren't expecting that and let's move on. Our header image today is courtesy of the ever-awesome MikoyaNx.

    Come hither, page break!

  • Vocal Music: Rainbow Generations / Love and Tolerate / Ponified

    We have another parody of that Sonic the Hedgehog song, followed by one of the entries to Meghan McCarthy's music competition, and finishing off with some new Haymaker. Check it all out below!

    1.) Rainbow Generations
    2.) Love and Tolerate
    3.) Haymaker - Ponified

  • Story: Evenfall


    Author: Unlucky Roll
    Description: If mind is the perfect labyrinth, how does one escape? The case of Twilight meeting a unicorn called Even.

    Additional Tags: Can you find the way?
  • Drawfriend Stuff #505

    Windy mane edition.  Time to move on to season 3 animation guys!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
    Flowing Mane

  • Brony Thank You Fund Announces Calarts Scholarship Fundraiser

    So, some really really big news from our friends at the Brony Thank You Fund. As part of their continuing efforts to not only say thank you to those who brought us Friendship is Magic but also provide a strong representation of what it means to be a brony, have announced their plans to start fundraising for a permanent Calarts scholarship. Incredible. The bullet points are below, but you should really check below the page break for the full press release. It's a doozy.

    • The Brony Thank You Fund is beginning a new fundraising campaign, to endow a permanent named scholarship in animation at the California Institute of the Arts (Calarts).

    • To kick off the fundraising drive, we are going to offer the chance to win one of the very rare oversized San Diego ComicCon Season 1 Posters, signed by all the voice actors, to anyone making a donation of $10 to the Fund on the fund website before the end of July (multiples of $10 get you multiple chances.)

  • Comic: Twilight Effect / Feeding Time / Derpy is a Woodpecker

    Comics just keep flowing in! I think the season 3 songs brought some people out of hiding.

    We have mass effect, Fluttershy feeding, and a form of Derpy I'm not sure I agree with but lets roll with it anyway! Click for full!

  • Music Remix/Vocal: The Failure Song / Crystal Ponies (Flaedr Remix) / Scoots Parents

    We have one remix each for the two new songs, followed by a sad vocal Piano Scootaloo track. Check them out below!

    1.) [MLP] The Failure Song - eXtaticus Eurobeat Remix
    2.) Crystal Ponies (Flaedr Remix)
    3.) MLP: scoots parents

  • Howard Stern Reports On Ponies!

    How have you guys not ponified him yet? I guess I'll just use this one from google images.

    Howard Stern sent a few people over to Bronycon to report on the pony thing.  In the usual media fashion, they only actually played interviews from cloppers and depressed people.    You can probably guess how that turned out!

    Might want to avoid the comments if you are squeamish, this one is bound to get bombarded.  

    Check it out after the break, as well as a new Bronycon press release! 

  • The Brony Show, Episode 59 - Hot Diggedy Demon

    Another episode! Information below:
    Hello, everypony! It’s another episode of The Brony Show and this week we’re going to be pulling out all the stops. That’s right, we’re bringing on the incredible artist and animator of both Ask Jappleack (http://ask-jappleack.tumblr.com/) and the .mov series, Hot Diggedy Demon. We’ll be interviewing him live and even letting our chatting audience ask a few questions as well.

    Along with this interview we’ll be talking about Pon-e3 and all the awesome games that have come out, as well as latest brony news. We’ll also be playing some abridged series and giving them our critique and then some awesome PMV’s and music videos. Be sure also to stick around for CrimsontheWolf’s Oatmeal Galore Afterparty, where we’ll have even more crazy brony shennanigans."
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  • nightly Roundup #338

    I'm not sure what is going on in this image, but Cadence is kinda cute.

    Have some nightly roundup.

  • Story Updates July 16th (Midnight)

    Story updates! Ahhhhhh....