• Random Merch: Welovefine Daily Deal / Wallet / Decals/ Lunchables Pony Promo

    You guys don't look pony enough, in fact, I'm one of the few people I know with a pony wallet.  This needs to change! Hot Topic is selling a new Rainbow Dash wallet.  I didn't get a price on it (Someone said it was around 14 bucks) , but thanks to Sketchbook for the image!

    Continue on after the break for even more pony stuff to deck yourselves out in.

    And while you are at Hot Topic, Veze sent this image over of a decal they are currently stocking.  It looks like it's a bit too large for a phone, but i'm sure your laptops or tablets would be more than happy with some Dash.

     It looks like Lunchables is adding some pony to it's "Ultimate Game Room" contest.  I guess their best course of action would be to bug Mane6 about a possible Fighting is Magic partnership, unless you want to deck your room out in those awful g3.5 games.  Thanks to Cody for the image.

    Welovefine is doing a one day sale on their Pon-3 Shirt.  Hopefully we wont give their servers a heart attack this time! Check that out here.

    And finally, a whole bunch of random pony stuff has popped up at a Superstore in Canada.  It looks like a back to school blowout style thing.  Thanks to Breezy for the image, as well as some prices:
    Back left is a lunch bag ($9.99), front left is a reusable container ($3.99), Middle and front is a backpack and satchel set ($14.99), and to the right is an adorable water bottle ($6.99)
    And that about covers it! As always, if you run into pony merch while strolling around your local retail outlets, snap a picture and send it in! If it's new, we will post it!