• Howard Stern Reports On Ponies!

    How have you guys not ponified him yet? I guess I'll just use this one from google images.

    Howard Stern sent a few people over to Bronycon to report on the pony thing.  In the usual media fashion, they only actually played interviews from cloppers and depressed people.    You can probably guess how that turned out!

    Might want to avoid the comments if you are squeamish, this one is bound to get bombarded.  

    Check it out after the break, as well as a new Bronycon press release! 

    Bronycon Press Release:
    BronyCon has heard your concerns about the Howard Stern Show's portrayal of the fandom. We have determined that the show conducted all interviews outside of the venue, off of BronyCon grounds. While it's unfortunate that these folks decided to come out and act in such an unprofessional manner, we feel it is best to shrug off the typical reaction and instead focus on those press outlets that gave our community a fair story.

    Head of Public Relations
    BronyCon 2013