• Source Filmmaker - Way better than Gmod for Ponies!

    As many of you Source enthusiasts have figured out by now, the Source Filmmaker was released back during the Pyro update.  We have had a whole bunch of Gmod ponies over the last year or so (Ever since the models were released), but this new program takes it to a whole new level.

    The new and improved pony models were also released pretty recently, and so far they all work.  There are supposedly a few bugs in the eyes, but the program overall gives much greater freedom, as well as being easier to use than what we had access to in Gmod.

    Check out a few examples:

    Meet the Applejack
    (Not) so good day
    Rejected Pinkie
    Derpy And Secrios

    Now, the reason I bring this whole thing up.  Would you all be interested in a sort of "learn source filmmaker" event?  We have enough mods/assets to do pretty much anything with it at this point, and one thing I love to do with EQD is watch things evolve.

    Discuss it in the comments!

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