• Instrumental Music: Strange Towns / Watch In Awe / When Vinyl Scratch Dreams / Return of the Great and Powerful / Beware Banana Muffins

    We have a whole pile of instrumentals coming in, from orchestral to dubstep.  Check them out below.

    Also a lot of Trixie.  I totally didn't do it though! Blame the music reviewers, they seem to love Trixie!

    1.) Strange Towns [Original composition by NomNom] (Orchestral)
    2.) MLP_FIM - Watch_In_Awe(QuietDuck Original Mix) (Samples, Electronic)
    3.) When Vinyl Scratch Dreams - The V-Scratch Sessions (Smooth Electronic)
    4.) Radiarc - Return of the Great and Powerful (Orchestral)
    5.) TeiThePony & Elspongie - Beware Banana Muffins (feat. Moopy) (Dubstep)