• Comic: The Ponyvillage / Sleep Sleep Sleep / Trixie Vs. Fluttershy

    I really do wonder what lies deep within the Everfree Forest. Obviously danger of course, but considering all the freaky things that pop up for our ponies on what seems like the edge of the forest what can you imagine lies even deeper within?

    Comic time you guys! Click for full.

  • Convention Compilation - July 8

    It's been a little while since we've done one of these! Unfortunately Bronycon scrambled things up and got us a little off schedule, but we're all done being/looking at sleepy ponies, so we'll be returning to our normal Friday schedule for convention news after this.

    We'll outline the bullet point for you right here as always, but check out all the con news that's fit to print below this delicious, nutritious page break. Mmmm!

    • Camaraderie is Supernatural Canterlot Gardens Plans
    • The foundations for a new Australian Con - PonyconAU
    • BUCK reduces vendor prices and announces two contests
    • The Bronycon feedback form
    • Galacon - a whole bunch of stuff
    • PON-E3 - promo video and schedule

  • Vocal Music: I Am No Hero / Luna's Lullaby

    Luna vocal music? Luna vocal music. It's night here at least!  We have a new one from Mandopony, and another from X Wilson.  Check them out below!

    1.) I Am No Hero - Original MLP song by MandoPony (Remastered)
    2.) Princess of the Night - Luna's Lullaby

  • Bronycon Documentary Update - The "Unsavory" Aspects of the Community and John De Lancie's Take on Fox News

    Keep safesearch on and you won't have to worry about it!
    Every fandom has it's less than worksafe side, and many of you were curious on how exactly the Bronycon Documentary was going to deal with ours.  Michael Brockhoff has written up a pretty large article going into detail about how it will affect the film.  The general idea:  It's not really visible from a convention/public perspective.   You can actively seek it out at any time, but the truth of the matter is, adult material really isn't that prevalent compared to everything else.   

    Anyway, check out his full press release/update after the break!

    (And then EQD had it's first politics and clop discussion)
  • Story: Her Weight in Affection


    Author: Stonershy
    Description: Is it better to be respected, or admired?

    This question has always troubled Chrysalis, and being banished from Equestria has not made it any less of a pressing issue for the queen of the changelings. Cut off from her armies and alienated in a strange land, she adapts and blends in to survive. For a master of deception, this is no difficult feat, but despite her success in the business world, her new life is unfulfilling. She is almost always hungry, because the creatures she has found herself stranded with are much less generous with their love.

    More than anything, she longs to be her true self, and to be adored for the regal being she truly is. Of course, she knows that no one could ever love a changeling.

    Or could they?

    Her Weight in Affection

    Additional Tags:
    Chrysalis disguised as a human
  • Ponies Around the World - Submissions Open!

    It's that time once again for Ponies Around the World! Two weeks ago, I told you all to bring your favorite pony toy and take a picture of it hanging out at either a nearby landmark or something you visited on a summer vacation. Now it's time to cash those in!

    Knighty has coded us up a new submission system for images, similar to the ones you have all used in the past for the Drawing Training Grounds and other projects.  Information on how to use that and where to find it, as well as a reminder of the rules and an example can be found after the break!   

  • Bronycon Retrospective: Calpain

    There are few things in my life that I can say have left such an impact on me as this convention. Never before have I had so much fun and met so many great and interesting individuals than I did in just three short wondrous days.

    After the break, check out my own thoughts and feelings on why conventions can indeed be magic.

  • Story Updates July 8th (Evening)

    Celestia says, It's story update time!

  • Story: Rainbow Dash and the Treasure of Canterlot (Complete!)


    Author: Insert Pen Name
    Description: The adventures of Daring Do become a thrilling reality as Rainbow Dash explores ancient ruins, battle sinister foes, and endures shameless cliches in search of a legendary artifact.
    Rainbow Dash and the Treasure of Canterlot Part 1
    Rainbow Dash and the Treasure of Canterlot Part 2
    Rainbow Dash and the Treasure of Canterlot Part 3
    Rainbow Dash and the Treasure of Canterlot Part 4
    Rainbow Dash and the Treasure of Canterlot Part 5
    Rainbow Dash and the Treasure of Canterlot Part 6
    Rainbow Dash and the Treasure of Canterlot Part 7 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Scootaloo, is, best, Short, Round
  • Drawfriend Stuff #497

    Warrior Ponies must be worth a fortune for dentists.  That can't be good for the teeth.

    Have some art!

    Source 1

  • Happy Birthday to the Artist Training Grounds!

    A little over a year ago, Equestria Daily held a one-month event called the Newbie Artist Training Grounds, which told everyone out there that yes they could draw ponies if only they would try. It was a long and hard grind, but hundreds of artists stuck it out and showed all kinds of amazing improvement.

    But the best part? When it ended, some of the alumni took it to DeviantART and kept on going. For a year now, they've been making their own weekly themes and encouraging newbies to jump right in and get drawing. This community is home to a lot of awesome artists, but there is always room for more. The ATG has already spawned a lot of mainstays in our Drawfriends, and as we stand here now I could not be prouder.

    Go over and check out all of their work and see what kind of awesomeness goes on over there. And for all of you I know are asking the question, yes. The Artist Training Grounds are very, very close to making their return to Equestria Daily. Keep watching the skies, and keep your pencils, markers, and styluses at the ready!
  • Vocal Rap Music: Guncakes ft. Yelling at Cats

    We don't get a whole lot of rap in this fandom! Yelling at Cats and The Living Tombstone collabed up and released this one over on Youtube.    The lyrics are a bit more adult than what we usually get, but it doesn't take it too far. It's dark, it's powerful, and it's definitely worth a listen.

    Anyway, check it out after the break! Or here.

  • Music: How Far You've Come // Nightmare Arrives // Cries of the Everfree

    It's time for a regular-style music post, with a variety of your favorite tunes! This hour we have two vocal tracks and one remix. On a side note, I don't remember if I used this image before, but I'm going to use it again because Rarity.

    1) Metal Core Pony -- How Far You've Come (Lyric Video)
    2) Nightmare Arrives (MLJ 1-1)
    3) Cries of the Everfree [Original composition by NomNom]

  • Episode Movie Posters: Season 1

    It's time for the second round of episode movie posters. I might actually run a contest or something for these in the future, it could be fun!

    We are going a bit backwards, since he did season 2 first. Check them all out after the break!

  • PMV: Living the Dream

    We haven't had a comic book style PMV yet.   I never realized how perfect Rainbow Dash would be for something like that.  Clearly we need a superhero Wonderbolts Dash comic now. 

    Or you can just watch the PMV.  Find it after the break!

  • Comic: Story Behind the Wonderbolts / Ponys Dream Party / Nothing Like Original / Button

    We have the Wonderbolts being overpowered, Pinkie Pie being ridiculous, Trixie being Discorded, and Derpy wreaking havoc.  Have some comics! 

  • Music: Trixie The Pony Troll // Like A Spinning Record (Blaze Remix) // Gypsy Jazz Bard //

    Have some music that existed in some form before but is now different in some way that honors the original!

    They're remixes, okay.

    We have one that AlexS made, a remix of a Tombstone song, and another Gyspy Bard remix!

    1) Alex S. - Trixie The Pony Troll [VIP]
    2) TheLivingTombstone - Like A Spinning Record (Blaze Remix)
    3) Psychedelic Brony: Gypsy Jazz Bard

  • Vocal Music - Replacer: Song for an Earth Pony

    One thing to note about Replacer, every track he releases tends to have a completely original feel to it.   Everything from Cerulean Blue to his swing style Let Your Mane Down really don't have other songs in the fandom to compare them to. 

    This one follows the same trend, with a completely new formula for the table.  I don't even know what genre to put this in, it's really good though!

    Check it out after the break, or here.
  • MLP Fair Hasbro Q&A Panel

    For those curious about the upcoming toy releases and overall information on them, Hasbro runs a MLP Faire every year that includes a full Q&A panel to dig in and see what exactly is on the horizon.

    After the break, you will find the video of it, and it looks like the uploader created a neat little bullet list of major points if you don't have time to watch the video! Check both out after the break!

    Or higher quality here!
  • Instrumental Music: Born a Parasite / Comfort of Old Friends / A Day At The Races

    Instrumental time!

    The first one is sort of a mixture of an original instrumental track combined with some extra This Day Aria elements. The second is an orchestral song dedicated to adult Spike's memories. And the last is some Drums and Bass. Check them out below!

    1.) Born a Parasite (Orchestral) - now in PMV form
    2.) Comfort of Old Friends (Heart of a Dragon) (Orchestral)
    3.)A Day At The Races (DnB Remix)

  • Nightly Roundup #370

    It's roundup time! Lots of crazy stuff tonight, including an armada of podcasts as always!

    And just a heads up for those that voted on the Ponychats art channel Wonderbolts contest, they had some issues with the voting. Check out this page for information on it!

  • Super Secret Insider Information: Originally Planned Dinosaur Character got Cut

    Steffan Andrews tossed this up on his Facebook Page a few minutes ago.  Apparently FiM originally had a Dinosaur character.  I'm not too sure if I would have been alright with that, but I think the FiM team could have pulled it off! Hell they made Cadence awesome, and she is the biggest "We need a pink alicorn to sell" ever!

    Anyway, you should go follow him on Twitter!
  • Animation: Cutie Mark Crusaders: Beep Beep!

    Heey, its finally released!  Some of you may have run into the leaked one a while back, but this has fixed all of the issues that one had, as well as added a short intro.

    Clearly you need to click the image and go watch it, cause CMC are suddenly cutest ponies.

    Also after the break on Youtube