• Nightly Roundup #125

    Crying Luna in a "free pony" box wearing socks edition.

    Have some news. 

    Another Abridged Series!

    A group calling themselves "MLP: FiM Ultimate Abridged Series" has released a couple of episodes. They suggest checking out the 3rd one first. Find it here!

    Luna Eclipse Reruns on the 29th?

    Source : AwesomeTurtwig
    We will see if this changes at all, but it looks like Luna Eclipse will be taking up two slots, adding another 2 week gap between episode four and five.


    Brony Meetups 

    Melbourne Brony Meetup

    Where: Melbourne Convention Center

    When: Saturday, October 22 · 2:00pm - 5:00pm

     Rhode Island Bronies Meetup

    When: October 22

    Where: Rhode Island


    My Little Investigations: Partner Demo

    Gabu has released yet another update to his My Little Investigations game, showing off his new partner system.  Check it out!

    Twilight Sparkle Rap Seeking Trixie/Celestia Voices

    Trixie? In a Twilight song? I might have to follow this one.

    Check out the informational video thingy here.

    Shoot the Magicks

    For the bullet hell enthusiasts out there, a new Photo Finish mod has been released for one of them.  How you dodge all those tiny little pellets, I will never understand, but if you are capable of it, check out the video below.

    Allegrezza Guitar Tab

    Someone has released a guitar tab for Allegrezza, but he still didn't host it anywhere, and it's not in the video description, so go bug him for it on youtube after watching it here!

    Martha Speaks Pony Parody From before FiM

    The guys over at Studio B were actually in the business of making fun of MLP before friendship is magic popped up.  Check out the parody below!

    Friendship Chart!

    Warning: It's humongous

    Ponies in School Newspaper 

    Is that...Princess Molestia?  Crazy schools...  Obviously the image is too small to read, so have a google document

    Game Informer Responds to Pony...Again

    Game informer doesn't like the pony craze.  That doesn't stop them from responding to it.

    Inb4 they give in and have an entire pony edition. 

    Ebay/Merch Stuff

    Gala Fluttershy Plushie

    Brony Car Decal Sticker

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here