• Studio B Holiday Gift Project

    A new project is under way to give our buds over at Studio B some love this holiday season.  Without them giving their all to make this show awesome, we wouldn't be here enjoying it! Check out the copy paste after the break to find out how you can contribute. 

    Jayson Thiessen, director of MLP:FiM-- and his amazing crew at Studio B-- deserve our support for bringing us this fantastic show. Therefore, a far-flung group of bronies is organising a coordinated effort to send the entire Studio B staff some amazing gifts from their devoted fans.
    This effort is being led by Bejoty (of Northwest Bronyfest), Kadreal, and Purple Tinker (of BroNYCon). If you want to contribute to this gift of love from the community, read on.
    1) Purple Tinker is collecting funds to be used to purchase a special surprise (thanks to Kadreal for this awesome idea!) to be delivered to the entire Studio B crew. (Bejoty may hoof-deliver the goods himself!) We won't spoil the surprise here-- in case any Studio B employees are reading-- but Mr. Thiessen is aware of our nefarious gifting plan, and approves.
    If you wish to donate $5, $10, or $20 towards this gift (we need around $300-400 in total, so be generous), Paypal it to [email protected] with the subject SPECIAL GIFT FOR STUDIO B.
    Donations will close November 1
    2) Bejoty is collecting gifts of artwork, letters, custom ponies, and other tangible 'stuff' to be delivered to Mr. Thiessen and Studio B. If you think you may have something to send along to the effort, please contact him directly at [email protected]. You will have until November 1 to get your item[s] to him, so if it's a crafty project you have in mind, get craftin'!
    These guys have given us so much. Let's all give back to them!