• Story: Her Weight in Affection


    Author: Stonershy
    Description: Is it better to be respected, or admired?

    This question has always troubled Chrysalis, and being banished from Equestria has not made it any less of a pressing issue for the queen of the changelings. Cut off from her armies and alienated in a strange land, she adapts and blends in to survive. For a master of deception, this is no difficult feat, but despite her success in the business world, her new life is unfulfilling. She is almost always hungry, because the creatures she has found herself stranded with are much less generous with their love.

    More than anything, she longs to be her true self, and to be adored for the regal being she truly is. Of course, she knows that no one could ever love a changeling.

    Or could they?

    Her Weight in Affection

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    Chrysalis disguised as a human