• Happy Birthday to the Artist Training Grounds!

    A little over a year ago, Equestria Daily held a one-month event called the Newbie Artist Training Grounds, which told everyone out there that yes they could draw ponies if only they would try. It was a long and hard grind, but hundreds of artists stuck it out and showed all kinds of amazing improvement.

    But the best part? When it ended, some of the alumni took it to DeviantART and kept on going. For a year now, they've been making their own weekly themes and encouraging newbies to jump right in and get drawing. This community is home to a lot of awesome artists, but there is always room for more. The ATG has already spawned a lot of mainstays in our Drawfriends, and as we stand here now I could not be prouder.

    Go over and check out all of their work and see what kind of awesomeness goes on over there. And for all of you I know are asking the question, yes. The Artist Training Grounds are very, very close to making their return to Equestria Daily. Keep watching the skies, and keep your pencils, markers, and styluses at the ready!