• MLP Fair Hasbro Q&A Panel

    For those curious about the upcoming toy releases and overall information on them, Hasbro runs a MLP Faire every year that includes a full Q&A panel to dig in and see what exactly is on the horizon.

    After the break, you will find the video of it, and it looks like the uploader created a neat little bullet list of major points if you don't have time to watch the video! Check both out after the break!

    Or higher quality here!

    -Hasbro has plans for MLP's 30th Anniversary, no details given.
    -No Sea Pony plans, but the toy line takes cues from FiM show.
    -No accessory packs w/o ponies are planned.
    -No return of pony points planned.
    -No new sculpts of G1 ponies, but may incorporate older gen ponies into G4.
    -No new art ponies planned.
    -Collectibles moving towards blind bags for older/rarer ponies, away from larger models.
    -Blindbags Wave 2 in the Hasbro warehouse ready to ship, Wave 3 by end of year.
    -Crystal Empire series confirmed, but not for 2012.
    -More male ponies likely, but not in 2012.
    -New poses for brushables in 2013.
    -Molded hair only for blindbags, not brushable size.
    -Show more interest in a particular item and it may be brought to that market(region).
    -No brushable blindbags.
    -No holiday theme ponies planned.
    -No plans for pony home playsets for 2012, but there will be more playsets like the Wedding Castle.

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