• Instrumental Music: Solar Empire VS Lunar Republic // FraGmenTd - Pegadrome // Sky Dashings

    Instrumental time! I hope you're not in the mood for vocals, cause, well, you ain't getting any tonight until you eat your vegetables.

    1.) Solar Empire VS Lunar Republic
    2.) FraGmenTd - Pegadrome
    3.) Sky Dashings

  • Music: Discord Rap! // The Nightmare Moon Jam // I'll Be Waiting (Derpy's Song)

    Have I used this before? I don't remember, but I'm going to use it again because quite frankly it is the best image ever. At the moment.

    It's time for some vocals! I told you you had to eat your vegetables, but, well, you've been so good lately.

    Discord Rap!
    2.) The Nightmare Moon Jam
    3.) I'll Be Waiting (Derpy's Song)

  • Story Update January 26th (Evening)

    Time for some story updates! There are a pretty good amount this time around, so... go read stuff?

  • Story: Shadows of the Sun (Update Part Complete!)

    [Grimdark][Sad-Tragedy] And Twilight ran. She ran so far away...

    Description: A long drought has created food shortages across all of Equestria. In an effort to restore the country to its former glory, Princess Celestia sends Twilight Sparkle to the northern country of Prance to seek aid. But when something goes wrong, it starts a tragic chain of events that seems to have no end. With a sinister plot for power developing in the shadows of the sun, the entire world will be changed forever.
    All Links After the Break! 

  • Music: Discord's Lament / I'm Not, But I Wish I Was / Rainbow's Blood

    It's vocal time! Have some Discord, Scarlett Peace, and our favorite 14 year old rapper remixing Rainbows Blood, because some crazy event made a bunch of people jump all over that song in particular! The lyrics are a bit explicit, but I guess you can expect that. 

    1.) Discord's Lament
    2.) I'm Not, But I Wish I Was - Scarlett Peace
    3.) Interrobang Pie - Rainbow's Blood ( TheDumplingz Cover )

  • Artist Training Grounds: Mock War, Day 5

    Recruits! Our rescue mission was a success! There's been so much to do, but even in the midst of a busy week and with the grind beginning to set in, you've persevered to bring in 327 lost and captured ponies! I know it isn't easy, but you guys keep sticking with it and churning out content in stupendous numbers. With an event total of 1805 images, we're in the final stretch. Give it your all!

    Remember, send your submissions in here. Keep using full image urls when sending from DeviantART, and send any problems along to phoe@equestriadaily.com.

    Day 5: A Winner is You!
    The whirlwind of activity lately has been so intense that you can scarcely keep track of everything that has been happening. One day a griffon assault squad storms the camp and is barely beaten back. Another day you're charging in behind General Derpy's siege troops. And that princess you rescued? Hasn't. Shut. Up. Not a single day has gone by without a quip from her or a close encounter of the lemon meringue kind. All the ponies you've come to know as friends have come back smothered in cherries.

    And then all of a sudden... everything stopped. All quiet on the western front, and every other war story cliche you've ever heard. No more pastries or name calling or being yelled at. In their place, there's confetti and shocked faces and dancing in the street. "We won! We actually won!" somepony calls out. To your left, a minty green unicorn sweeps a cream colored earth pony off of her hooves and kisses her deeply. To your right, your superiors gather together and smile. Despite everything, you can't help but feel a sense of pride. 
    "You did great work, soldier," Derpy beams with pride and steps aside to reveal a shimmering portal, "You can go home now."
    But... do you want to?
    Assignment: Draw a pony coming home
    Deadline: January 27 at 7:00 pm, PST (GMT -08:00)
  • Project Saturation: Initial Animatic

    A massive new animation project is currently under way, going by the name of "Project Saturation'. The movie hopes to explore the inner character behind discord, using the mane 6 to hopefully bring forth a past life.  I'll let the synopsis explain it:
    Luna and Celestia detect that Discord, despite being imprisoned in stone, is still at work. Instead of attempting to fight him, they free him in exchange that he enter an agreement to, once again, challenge Twilight Sparkle and her friends. On the surface, this is to improve the abilities of the main six so they can confront unknown threats in the future, which Celestia and Luna are wary of, but Celestia also believes that the six may be able to remind Discord of a past life, where he would not be so motivated to malicious intents.

    The story will follow Discord as he tests the mane 6 (minus Twilight) individually, separated from Twilight and unable to rely on her magic. Twilight, meanwhile, is instructed to join Discord, yet will she be successful in turning his heart?'
     They are looking for assistance though! Right now vector artists, voice actors, and anyone with skill in animation should watch this video for information on joining the group. 

    Check out the actual animatic fter the break!

  • BronyCon Turned Upside Down, Starts Raining Chocolate

    Art by John Joseco cause hes awesome and draws things in like 20 minutes holy Celestia

    If the banner and the headline didn't tip you off already, BronyCon has been invaded by everyone's favorite lord of CHAOS.  John De Lancie, the voice actor behind Discord, has been confirmed for attendance!   Can they handle the CRAZY?  With their new massive venue, I bet they can!

    After the break is the full writeup for those thinking about joining!

  • Plushie Compilation #33

    Derpy Hooves sure does take over everything lately.  I wonder if everyone's favorite mailpony will make another appearance in the next few episodes?

    Have some plushies while we wait to find out!

    Source 1
  • Story: The Pursuit of Victory


    Author: Vimbert the Unimpressive
    Description: Rainbow Dash has a chance to fulfill her life's dream of joining the
    Wonderbolts. But without anypony to act as her support, will her nerves
    get the better of her?
    The Pursuit of Victory

    The Pursuit of Victory Alternate

    Additional Tags: Tenacity is important in life.
  • We ❤ Ponies Mare-A-Thon Commerical

    Wow, I completely forgot to post this in the Zap2it thing earlier. Someone had to submit it to remind me. Apparently a commercial is floating around for the We ❤ Ponies Mare-A-Thon, filled with more glorious Rainbow Dash lines.

    So... Go watch it! 

    Apparently I'm a tag on the video. Thanks, I think :p
  • Drawfriend Stuff #315

    Engineer Earth Ponies need to happen! Clearly hooves and a mouth are the best way to build things.  Hands are for losers who can't handle doing it the real way, and magic is for cheaters.

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • New Blurb About Hearts and Hooves Day

    Over on Zap2it, a new press release has popped up regarding the We <3 the Ponies Mare-A-Thon.  Buried in the stuff we all pretty much know about is an updated blurb about Hearts and Hooves Day.  It's minor, but I'm sure some of you will enjoy digging into it and trying to figure out what it actually means.

    I'll toss it after the break, or you can hit up the page and look for it for yourself.   
  • Story: Brotherly Bond


    Author: Crash Jet
    Description: A year after Pipsqueak loses his brother in an accident, he is now living in Ponyville and approached by the CMC to join their Camping Crusade for cutie marks. Despite his apprehensions, he joins them, while the memories he and his brother shared plague him. Can Pipsqueak get over the pain and have fun with his new friends? And when danger approaches, will he have the strength to get himself and the CMC to safety?
    Brotherly Bond

    Additional Tags: Brothers, Tragic, Comfort, Friendship, Memories

    6 Star! 
  • Thinking With Portals: Delivery Service

    I'm pretty sure this is the best series ever.  I say that a lot, but I mean it this time. Portal combined with ponies in animation form? It's hard to top that.  The Starcraft avatars came close, but giving Derpy any sort of  multi-dimentional device is grounds for hilarity no matter how you look at it.

    Check it out here!
  • Music: Winter Wrap Up (Elliptisoar House Remix) / Princess Addictia - Becoming Popular / My Minor Pony

    We have some a Winter Wrap Up house/trance, a remix of Becoming Popular from Addictia, and ponies in a minor key. Enjoy!

    1.) Winter Wrap Up (Elliptisoar House Remix)
    2.) Princess Addictia - Becoming Popular
    3.) My Minor Pony

  • PonyKart - Sweet Apple Acres

    Remember all those times when I said this community surprised the hell out of me? Well, double that. This is the best possible thing. The team over at PonyKart.net is going all out on this one. Everything from the graphics to the soundtrack look great so far. Apparently this track isn't even finished yet.

    They will be opening up more slots for their group on Monday, so stay tuned if you want to help out!

    Also Twilight Sparkle.

    I'll stop blabbering and let you watch the video!
  • Music: Pinkie Responsibility Pie / Ponies Love Jura / Luna's Eclipse

    We have Pinkie Pie, some Electronic/orchestra combo Alegrezza music from Bagpipe Brony, and some Luna/Cele Piano stuff! It's instrumental time.

    1.) DasDeer - Pinkie Responsibility Pie
    2.) Ponies Love Jura (Drunk P0Nie Remix)
    3.) Luna's Eclipse (A Song For Luna And Celestia) - NickThePunkRockPony

  • Polish Pony Comic Translated

    Another foreign Pony comic has been translated up.  I almost wish it wasn't though based on that 4th page.  Without reading it, I can only assume Rainbow Dash unlocked some sort of SUPER RAINBOW POWER MODE.  That would be epic!

    Thanks to Diegotan for the translations and rips!

  • Random Merch Stuff: Rainbow Dash Shopping Bags, Pony Cookies Officially Release

    Source: Comics-N-Stuff

    A store called Comic N Stuff recently rolled out these Rainbow Dash shopping bags.  Remember back in the day when we were only on the internet?  What a silly time that was.

    Source: Delta
    Source: Delta
    And for those seeing to devour some helpless gram cracker ponies, the cookies have officially released over in Australia, specifically at a store called Aldi.  Inside, you will find Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Sweetie Belle,  Butterflies, and Flowers.  I didn't get any reports of any other ponies popping up, but I did hear Pinkie Pie tastes delicious.

    Each pack also comes with  30 popup stickers. 

    Source: Delta
    So go buy some cookies!
  • Bronyville: Episode 38

    This week on Bronyville, Sandy is out of town so Cider enlists the help of the painfully British Midnight Shadow to join the discussion with three of the gentlecolts with Bronies for Good. Cupcakes, CWrebel, and Mastertortilla27 tell us of their efforts, the success of the Smile! charity album for the Children's Cancer Association, and their future goals. As always, there's listener emails, fanfic suggestions, and our one cool thing to round it all out.

    Bronyville Episode 38
    Show Notes
  • Ponies Invade Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    All you Smash Brothers Brawl people out there might have ponies in the near future. A group called Brawl is Magic is currently working on a few different pony models. Right now they have Spike and Rainbow Dash replacing Olimar and Pit.

    Check out the video after the break, and hit up their website if you want updates on future stuff!

  • Story Updates January 26th (Morning)

    Rainbow Dash is best hockey player.

    Have some story updates!

  • Nightly Roundup #225 Derpy Derped the Title Edition

    I have to admit, I never played Metal Gear Solid.  This might convince me to do it though!

    Have some news while I go look for a good way to do that. 

  • Ashleigh Ball Seeking Assistance With a Mobile App!

    A few days ago Bejoty let me know about this, and I completely forgot.  It looks like Hey Ocean, (Ashleigh Ball's band) is looking for a coder to help them build an app. 

    So if you have any connection whatsoever with Rainbow Dash or Applejack, and want to give them a hand, go hit up their twitter and let them know!

    You want cookies don't you? 
  • Story: Letters from Canterlot (Update Part Complete!)


    Author: wanderingbishop
    Description: Everyone knows Fancypants is Canterlot's most important pony - but when did he become the most important? How did he do it? And where did he begin his rise to prominence? When Rarity puts the question to him, Fancypants decides to tell her his history in a series of letters, detailing his triumphs and tribulations on the road to the top.
    Letters from Canterlot (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: History, romance, social drama, Canterlot, letters