• BronyCon Turned Upside Down, Starts Raining Chocolate

    Art by John Joseco cause hes awesome and draws things in like 20 minutes holy Celestia

    If the banner and the headline didn't tip you off already, BronyCon has been invaded by everyone's favorite lord of CHAOS.  John De Lancie, the voice actor behind Discord, has been confirmed for attendance!   Can they handle the CRAZY?  With their new massive venue, I bet they can!

    After the break is the full writeup for those thinking about joining!

    Hello, My Little Ponies!

    First of all, the BronyCon staff would like to thank you all for pre-registering in advance. Not even a month since January's BroNYCon, we have already received over 560 pre-registered attendees. As we have reached this number in less than three short weeks (a number that almost reaches our January RSVP cap), we have come to the realization that come June we may have a much larger number than originally projected. Matter of fact, we are now easily expecting a few thousand attendees! This is great news! We are absolutely shocked and enthusiastic about the community's support. Every single one of you is contributing towards the love and camaraderie behind Friendship Is Magic. You are bringing the magic of ponies to reality.

    To add to the great news, the number of ponies showing interest in attending professionally either as dealers or exhibitors has once again already surpassed our expectations. Thank you all!
    This has raised one concern, however – The fact that our previously announced venue will no longer suit our needs. While the great folks at the Penn Plaza Pavilion have been nothing but great to us in our pursuit of the perfect venue, we have decided on a new location for the sake of the convention's success.

    It is with great pride that we can now announce that BronyCon Summer will be held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, in Secaucus New Jersey! (If you're wondering why we've recapitalized our name to 'BronyCon' instead of 'BroNYCon', this is why!) Accordingly, we are raising our attendee cap from 1500 to a mindblowing 4000!

    The Meadowlands Exposition Center has previously been host to such events as AnimeNEXT, Major League Gaming, and the North East Pokemon Video Game Championships.

    For those of you not familiar with the Meadowlands Exposition Center, please do not panic! Transportation from Manhattan to our new venue is just as accessible as any other major venue within NYC. The venue can be reached both via the Port Authority Bus Terminal (a simple, quick 20-minute bus ride), or even via the PATH train and a quick shuttle. Rest assured, you will not need to make special driving arrangements to reach the venue due to its easy access from New York City. The bus from Port Authority drops you off directly in front of the Expo Center; it couldn't be easier.

    To top it all off, within easy walking distance from the Exposition Center are dozens of eateries (including Chipotle, Chili's, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Nikko Sushi, Dunkin' Donuts, and Starbucks), several hotels to stay at (Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, Marriott), and even convenient shopping locations such as Wal-mart and Gamestop! Better yet, check it out for yourself!  (Regarding hotels: We are still working on our hotel arrangements for this con, so keep an eye on your email for announcements to that end. Those of you early birds who have already obtained reservations for midtown Manehattan hotels are still just a 20-minute bus ride from the con venue.)
    Let us not forget, ponies: Our very special guest.

    As you all know, Lauren Faust will be in attendance. However, she is not alone.
    We are enthralled to confirm that the one and only John de Lancie will be in attendance as our second guest of honor! That is right, Discord (and of course Q) himself will be available for autographs, Q&A panels, chaos, and what we can only assume will be the best weekend ever. Nopony can even begin to imagine what may happen! Mr. de Lancie seems just as excited as we are, so we hope everypony does their best to give him a warm and open welcome into the community!

    Fillies and Gentlecolts, may I remind you that it is only January! These are only a fraction of the announcements and surprises that you can expect from the upcoming BroNYCon this summer. In fact, even as we speak, we are planning a slew of other incredible Guest of Honour and Special Appearance announcements, so stay tuned!
    June 30th cannot come fast enough!

    For those of you who can't make it to the East Coast, fear not! Remember that Everfree Northwest is coming up from August 17-19 in beautiful Seattle, WA!

    With friendship, magic, and much anticipation,

    The BronyCon staff