• Random Merch Stuff: Rainbow Dash Shopping Bags, Pony Cookies Officially Release

    Source: Comics-N-Stuff

    A store called Comic N Stuff recently rolled out these Rainbow Dash shopping bags.  Remember back in the day when we were only on the internet?  What a silly time that was.

    Source: Delta
    Source: Delta
    And for those seeing to devour some helpless gram cracker ponies, the cookies have officially released over in Australia, specifically at a store called Aldi.  Inside, you will find Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Sweetie Belle,  Butterflies, and Flowers.  I didn't get any reports of any other ponies popping up, but I did hear Pinkie Pie tastes delicious.

    Each pack also comes with  30 popup stickers. 

    Source: Delta
    So go buy some cookies!

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