• Story: The Pursuit of Victory


    Author: Vimbert the Unimpressive
    Description: Rainbow Dash has a chance to fulfill her life's dream of joining the
    Wonderbolts. But without anypony to act as her support, will her nerves
    get the better of her?
    The Pursuit of Victory

    The Pursuit of Victory Alternate

    Additional Tags: Tenacity is important in life.


    1. Shes almost there and....................

    2. This Vimbert is not very unimpressive... His and/or her writing is quite good.

    3. This fic is very great. Well written too. The alternate was a nice take as well

    4. "It's cool to love to win, but better to hate to lose..."

      lol I wanna see a fanfic that turns Dash into Michael Jordan - a complete asshole with a unhealthy pathological need to win at everything. Yep. Read up on it sometime. That's how you get 6 fucking rings and that's why Lebron will be lucky to win 2.

    5. That was good! I have no idea why the fic is rated as low as it is.

      Come on, don't just rate a fic 1 or 2 stars! At least give it a fair critique or, failing that, share your feelings!

    6. @mycutiemarkisagun

      I always liked this one most:

      "Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing."
      - Vince Lombardi

    7. It's nice to see that a story can have a sad ending without being a sapfest. How does Rainbow Dash deal with a crushing blow? Read this fic for a biblical example, and then bow down and face Vimbert.

      No, seriously. More fics should possess a rich and quirkily accurate narration of the ponies they're centered upon. F'naaa.

      Please, keep submitting stuff. The Internet needs it.

    8. @Bombedrumbum

      What? The "alternate" is an alternate link, not an alternate version...

      Anyway I read this on FimFic (alternate link) and didn't especially like the story. The writing is great and I enjoy the author's other stories, but the plot and characterization just don't cut it for me. I left my review and opinions on FimFic and they can be read there, I'm not going to clog up the comments here by repeating myself.

    9. Accidentically close the wrong tab, lose entire comment...

      Really enjoyed your in character narration, I think it does well to capture and characterize the examples we've seen of Rainbow Dash buckling under pressure in the show.

      Now off to read the rest of your stories.

    10. there are moremust read NOW!!!!!

      im more of a huy who doesnt like to be viewed as soft but its writers like this that made you hard a little softer listened to skrillex as i read it but still
      very well done :D

    11. @EPIC!!! AWESOME!!!
      I... uh. Thank you? I gather you enjoyed it, and that's always good to hear.