• Project Saturation: Initial Animatic

    A massive new animation project is currently under way, going by the name of "Project Saturation'. The movie hopes to explore the inner character behind discord, using the mane 6 to hopefully bring forth a past life.  I'll let the synopsis explain it:
    Luna and Celestia detect that Discord, despite being imprisoned in stone, is still at work. Instead of attempting to fight him, they free him in exchange that he enter an agreement to, once again, challenge Twilight Sparkle and her friends. On the surface, this is to improve the abilities of the main six so they can confront unknown threats in the future, which Celestia and Luna are wary of, but Celestia also believes that the six may be able to remind Discord of a past life, where he would not be so motivated to malicious intents.

    The story will follow Discord as he tests the mane 6 (minus Twilight) individually, separated from Twilight and unable to rely on her magic. Twilight, meanwhile, is instructed to join Discord, yet will she be successful in turning his heart?'
     They are looking for assistance though! Right now vector artists, voice actors, and anyone with skill in animation should watch this video for information on joining the group. 

    Check out the actual animatic fter the break!