• Nightly Roundup #225 Derpy Derped the Title Edition

    I have to admit, I never played Metal Gear Solid.  This might convince me to do it though!

    Have some news while I go look for a good way to do that. 

    Derpy Joins IMDB

    Crazy Derpy Hooves and her internet takeover. Hit up the page here!

    My Little Dashie Storyboard Artist Search

    The document wasn't working in the last round, so have a new one!

    Andrea Libman Confirmed for Con-G 2012

    Voice acting must be an awesome job.  I would love to travel to all the cons.

    Check out their page here!

    Pony Clock! 

    Because clocks are the new snow ponies and cakes. This also includes a template!

    More Pony Chess! 

    Can chess ponies defeat the clock armada? Who knows! 

    EQD is starting to look like one of those crazy Bazaars in Mexico with all this crazy merch.

    Rainbow Dash Tattoo

    That sure is vibrant!

    More Dramatic Readings from Garrett 

    It has been a while since his last few, but Garrett is back doing dramatic readings of various things.  Have a list!

    Part of Your World
    Space Jam with Ponies
    My Little Pony FiM Pt. 1 
    Call Upon the Sea Ponies

    Successful Meetups

    Sweden Meetups

    It sure does look cold out there! They totally resized their meetup pictures for me too, so nice of them.

    Have a link to their facebook, apparently its breaking 300 members right now. 

     Central Florida Meetup 

       The Central Florida Bronies group had a meet up on Saturday, January 21st. The party was Winter Wrap-Up themed, and all the bronies received arm bands representing each of the three teams during the wrap up. The meet-up itself started at 3:00 PM at Boardwalk Bowl, where almost 60 bronies showed up to bowl and just hang out in general. They took over four lanes at the alley. At 6:00, the party moved to the Geek Easy at A Comic Shop, where everypony was divided into the three groups dictated by their armbands.
     Each group played a competitive game, led by the team coordinator, relating to their tasks. The weather team had to blow “cloud-balloons” across a table. The plant team played a modified version of beer-pong in which they threw Ping-Pong balls into cups filled with water, and whoever had the most balls in the cups won. The animal team carried eggs held by spoons in their mouths, and whoever had the most laps won. The winner from each group won a custom Orangette Brushable, (Orangette is the official Central Florida Bronies mascot) donated by the event organizer, Gryphyn Bloodheart. After all the games, each of the team leaders were brought together to play against each other in My Little Pony Trivia, presided over by Vicki Spence, better known as Octavia in “The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording”. The winner also received an Orangette Brushable.
    After all the games, the group watched a few episodes, including the latest one (The Last Roundup), along with other popular requests. Every time the theme song played, everypony sang along. Most impressively, however, was during the actual episode “Winter Wrap-Up”. At the time, there were still about forty bronies left, and they all lent their voices to the song, in an amazing moment of unity, and togetherness.

    Winter Wrap Up Singalong

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Buenos Aires, Argentina 

    Copy Paste in Spanish:

    Organizado por la comunidad Brony de Taringa! Vamos a juntarnos a pasar un rato en el parque Rivadavia, para conocernos, charlar sobre ponies, comer muffins y divertirnos. Yay!
    CUÁNDO: Sábado 28 a las 16:00 hs
    DÓNDE: Parque Rivadavia (Av. Rivadavia & Balcarce, in front of the Disco market)


    UNC Greensboro Meetup

    When:  Saturday, January 28th, 1 PM
    Where:  EUC Starbucks
    What:  Our very first meetup.

    Zegreb City Meetup




    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Doctor Whoof Scarf
    Fluttershy Scarf
    Phone Cases
    Bonbon Beanie Baby