• Spike Day Discussion - Episodes, Character, and More

    Out of our main cast Spike has had the rough of it, starring in a number of episodes that many have found dull or just sub-par. Seems like whenever we get an episode announced that's Spike-centric we get a bunch of groans from our comments section.

    Thanks to this current season though, we've seen that Spike can actually be the star of some pretty decent episodes! And as a stalwart friend to each of the mane 6 his importance to them as someone in their lives can't be understated.

    So the question is what do you think of Spike as a character? If you dislike him is it because of his lackluster episodes in the past or some deeper character flaw? If you like him what do you like about him and what episodes stand out to you? What would you like to see from our dragon friend in future episodes?

    Discuss this and anything Spike related in the comments!

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