• Spike Day Comics: Waifu / RD / Family / Awakening / Heart / Tea / Support / Surprises / Smoking / What'd I Say?!

    While Spike might have great friendships of all kinds throughout Equestria many comics starring him also star Twilight. From the very first episode the two have been practically inseparable and have seen so much together. It's a unique friendship among the ones that Twilight has because despite him being her assistant they both grew up together and as such the fandom has filled in the blanks on what that relationship is like. Of course, not to say Spike doesn't have his own solo roles like above from time to time.

    So let's dive in! From DoubleW strangeness, the awesome Rogue Diamond adventure, to plenty of Twilight and Spike moments we've got a bunch of comics involving our dragon friend after the break.

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