• Spike Day Cosplays!

    Spike might not get as many cosplays as other characters, but without a doubt I do see a Spike or two at every convention. He's also a popular choice for little kids; baby dragon after all, heh.

    Get some Spike cosplays after the break!

    [1] Source

    Spike by TobiasNightbringer

    [2] Source

    Acen 2012: Spike and Rarity by Malindachan

    [3] Source

    Spike Hoodie by littlerobin87

    [4] Source

    Photo: Showin' them muscles, Spike by HeadphonesStudios

    [5] Source

    GDI Spike... by thatasianperson

    [6] Source

    studying - (Spike, take note!) by daniL-nd

    [7] Source

    Spike and Rarity cosplay - Sparity! by DiscordIsMagic

    [8] Source

    Spike and Rarity. by Squibbers

    [9] Source

    Spike and Rarity Hoodie by ponyhoodie

    [10] Source

    My Little Pony- Closest Friends by rumRei

    [11] Source

    Rarity and Spike 05 by boredx2

    [12] Source

    Spike 2 by Nyankorine

    [13] Source

    Spike 3 by Nyankorine

    [14] Source

    My Little Ponies by bluetarako

    [15] Source

    Spike - Anime North 2014 Cosplay by littlevampiremomo

    [16] Source

    Spike - Youmacon 2011 by Anonymous-Mystery

    [17] Source

    F.Y.W.A.D. by staticguru

    [18] Source

    Twilight and Spike by Awinnerwasyou

    [19] Source

    Spike MLP Cosplay Test. by brandonale

    [20] Source

    Spike - Otakuthon 2012 by J25TheArcKing

    [21] Source

    Spike 1 by Nyankorine

    [22] Source

    Dream Chaperone by Panjiren

    [23] Source

    My little pony by setsuna1221

    [24] Source

    EquestriaLA 2012: 049 by ARp-Photography

    [25] Source

    To the Princess! by LadyIkari

    [26] Source

    Fashionably Fabulous by CyanideSymphony

    [27] Source

    Spike-1456 by GeorgieLou

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